Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swine flu: Pensioners get vaccination later

alnect komputerIt looks almost as if when the plans for the vaccination against swine flu in Europe, the pensioners in each country, a disadvantage, because if you believe reports of different magazines, so be retired later than other population groups against the flu be vaccinated.

As is known, the manufacturer of the pharmaceutical industry with great zeal in the next vaccine against the virus of swine flu.

In particular, the multi-manufacturer, Novartis Pharma of Switzerland makes himself here and is regarded as one of the pioneers, but just in Switzerland are now published information which indicates that only retired once before other layers of the population to be vaccinated.

Most importantly, the vaccine after delivery initially not for all people in every country there are sufficient, which is located on the hand and by many reports and information is confirmed.

The fact that governments and health authorities of each country in the world now think about how to design a sensible plan for the vaccination against swine flu, and up through, especially when the vaccine is not sufficient for all residents, is clear and reasonable.

Presumably, even the thoughts of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) rational, that pensioners, a group which is allegedly not as fast with the virus of swine influenza infection, later than others to be vaccinated. Perhaps only when the vaccine will be replaced ..

First, presumably, just as the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for people of the medical staff and the public service (police, etc.) in each country will receive a vaccination. Under the scheme, which, as it views the magazine titled, infantry vaccinated.

It should be straight, as mentioned earlier, retired under the ordinary citizens is primarily the worst cards, because that group is far less rapidly with the virus as an example to young people and children.

Perhaps these considerations are really reasonable and the choices you have to understand, because if retirees are actually slower than infected children, it may well give no other considerations.
In addition to discussions about the so-called vaccination in the different countries of Europe are also voices which say that vaccination is not already started in August, but only in the autumn of this year can begin.

One can only hope that the worst horror scenarios of the various health authorities of this world do not occur and that the flu virus of swine flu itself is not mutated or evolved, as some experts predicted.

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