Sunday, July 19, 2009

Salt is addictive!

salt crystalAt a congress of the American Heart Association at the University of California, the scientists demonstrate that cardiovascular diseases can be avoided, would the daily salt consumption by only a single gram reduced. Who salt consumption as much as three grams daily reduced, then the risk of heart disease and a resultant decrease significantly earlier death.

The salt consumption is too high

There is still too much salt is eaten. Especially in the industrialized countries, the consumption of salt is too high. As expected, the population of the United States in salts in the first place. Here are daily 9-12 grams consumed. Also in Germany the proportion of salt in the diet far too high. There are even different consumption levels by sex known: men take an average of 9 grams, women an average of 7 grams of salt per day to themselves.

Salt is widely available, is not expensive and is usually considered "basic spice" use. Why? U.S. scientists found a new, surprising reasons.

Salt is addictive!

U.S. researchers found in another test series with rats found that the salt effect of an addictive drug has. If the experiments the salt was removed, they changed their behavior from active to passive and positively depressed. "Salt true positive, depressed withdrawal mach. That is in summary form the results of the study conducted at the University of Iowa, and recognized in the journal Physiology & Behavior has been published

The researchers assume that the functional processes in the brain of animals during the withdrawal of salt in the human brain comparable to expire. More than that: The withdrawal of salt leads to the same brain responses as the withdrawal of drugs.

Attention - Ready Meals!

From a human behavioral addiction is when a drug - in spite of the knowledge of their risk - will be used. And that is exactly what happens in the use of salt.

That too much salt is harmful, hear and read a long time and frequently enough. Despite changes in the much too high salt consumption does not. Even if the freshly cooked meals less salt would have to be taken into account that absolutely each finished dish, each sausage, cheese, etc. everyone already has a high proportion of salt. Only he who renounces this food - or at least severely restrict - his salt intake may be even more determined.

The correct quantity in the right quality

Salt is just in too large quantities and in a poor quality (zBraffiniertes salt) unhealthy. A fundamental waiver is therefore not meaningful. However, the high proportion of salt already spiced food supermarket, and when cooking very little salt, and instead many fresh or dried herb seasoning.

Also on the quality of the salt should be strictly respected. Avoid consistently on the refined table salt - especially those who artificial iodine has been added - and use only natural stone, crystal or Ursalze. These salts are essential for your body and contribute to the health of your body.

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