Thursday, July 16, 2009

A miracle chocolate from Switzerland?

alnect komputerIt sounds incredible: the Swiss manufacturer Barry Callebaut has developed a chocolate, the heat-resistant and low in calories yet to be.

The internal "Vulcano" called product melts, according to "mirror" only from 55 degrees Celsius and has only about a tenth of the calories of conventional chocolate. This would be a dream of many sweet tooth but also the manufacturer will be fulfilled.

But critics munkeln now that the taste is on the route could remain. The company Barry Callebaut, which mainly supplies Nestle and Cadbury, will "Vulcano", however, a brittle character.

Obviously, the Swiss also know another problem: Although the body temperature around 37 degrees Celsius is, the candy, according to the Austrian online magazine "" still melt on the tongue. Instead of body heat is so taken by Barry Callebaut, the saliva in the mouth of the chocolate-lovers assume.

With "Vulcano" plans in the world market leader in Switzerland, according to "", the new markets in China and India to conquer. There is obviously an advantage if the cocoa dainty not already at 30 degrees Celsius liquefied.

"The idea sounds fascinating," says Daniel Bürki, financial analyst at Zürcher Kantonalbank the "mirror". But nor is Bürki skeptical: "Past experience has shown that heat-resistant chocolate taste with conventional products could keep up."

On attempt to create heat-resistant chocolate, many companies have already failed. For example, received U.S. producer Hershey "mirror" in the Second World War, according to mandate, as nutrient and temperature resistant panels produce. Since the production up to this point had been geared, liquid chocolate into molds to pour Hershey got tough with the newly developed mass apparently his problems. Finally, the Hershey employees the material with the need to manually edit.

Thus came the "Mirror" that rock hard, rectangular bars agreement, their taste and consistency of the U.S. firm over time, continuously improved. Thus, Hershey but no commercial success landing.

No wonder then, that a financial analyst Bürki has his doubts: the market and hence the critical test for chocolate lovers is "Vulcano" before.

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