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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Safety always comes first

safety suppliesAn accident can unexpectedly happen anytime as a threatening in our life whether in workplace, at home or any other outside activities. Be prepared and plan your safety in life is an important thing, especially when you live in a high risk environment from natural disaster (e.g. volcanic eruption, earthquake, and landslide).

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Charity with style!

We live in a world of lifestyle, we care about ourselves, we care about all convenience we can have, we have cars, and RV’s, trailers, boats and planes. We collect what we want, not always what we need, and most of the time those things are just lying un-used and get rusted! Some people try to sell their extra vehicles, some succeed but others failed! What if I told you that you can get those things out of your house, and you may still have some benefits, you can get your IRS tax deduction for instance, and the most noble part, you help others.

Car Angel Ministries is one organization that can make this thing happen. One call is all its takes. You fill out the donation form, submit it, using their fast and nation wide pick up, they will do free vehicle pick-ups, print your donation receipt, prepare your title documents by signing the title, when the towing drivers arrive, hand over your vehicle, documents and keys to the driver, and you will get your donation receipt and your IRS receipt. Helping people will never been this easy. You can contribute to charity with style!

Car Angel Ministries has been receiving many vehicles from its donors. Have boat to donate? Your boat donations are definitely helps many others. Donate a boat now, or any other vehicles, and be parts of a process where you reach the different lifestyle of others, but this time will be an opposite lifestyle. You reach the homeless, orphans, single mothers, teen and adults’ rehab, as well as prison reform. Car Angel Ministries with their programs and projects has been well known for their effort and hard working to reach those who are in needs. This organization produces children animations and anti-drugs documentations; positive media so children and teen nowadays have positive influences.

Don’t wait till your vehicles consumed by rust, donate now, you still live the same full-time lifestyle, and at the same time manage to help others!

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Get help to consolidate debt

consolidate debtIt’s become trend and lifestyle to have more than 1 credit card, to apply for more loans, to fit your needs, this is a healthy step when you can take control over these credit facilities.

Sometime, things turn not to be as expected, you can not over come your credit cards bills and loans installments problems, do not wait, the sooner you start to get professional advise, the sooner you can be troubles free. One important issue to consider is the place you go to get help on your debt issue; some will even get into more troubles by visiting the wrong providers!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Genetic Medicine Making Inroads Against Disease

TUESDAY, March 18 (HealthDay News) -- In fields as varied as heart disease, bone health and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an explosion of knowledge in genetics is poised to revolutionize medicine, said scientists gathered at a special news conference Tuesday.

The findings are highlighting why some people appear to be more vulnerable to certain illnesses than others -- and how they might be helped.

"People are trying to get a better understanding of disease causes and how genes underlie that," said Dr. Georgia Wiesner, director of the Center for Human Genetics at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. "Genetics and genomics are giving us a better biological understanding and then we can start to develop therapies."

Wiesner and others spoke at a conference to unveil results of a number of studies in the March 19 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a theme issue focused on genomic medicine.

The identification of genes that are key to disease is greatly advancing diagnostics and scientific research, one expert said.

"There has been a big shift in the practice of genomic medicine. When genes are discovered, this translates very quickly into the availability of genetic tests," noted Dr. Maren T. Scheuner of the nonprofit RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, Calif. "Fifteen years ago, there were 100 genes for which tests were available. Today, there are about 1,500 of these genes. Things are really moving rapidly."

In one of the JAMA studies, scientists found that lowered activity of a gene called paraoxonase 1 (PON1), which is linked to HDL or "good" cholesterol, may be related to a higher risk of developing adverse cardiac events. The gene has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities and had been shown to protect against atherosclerosis ("hardening of the arteries") in mice.

Although the findings will not immediately impact clinical practice, they do provide a focus for future research into both prevention and treatment of heart disease, said the study's senior author, Dr. Stanley L. Hazen, director of the Center for Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Prevention at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

"The test is not available for clinical practice, but the long-term impact is that we now have a way of helping to identify individuals who are at risk," he told reporters. "We also know a pathway that is mechanistically linked to the disease process. This serves as a way of focusing attention on this gene [for prevention and therapy]."

A second study of more than 37,000 participants found that variants of the LRP5 gene are associated with an increase in the risk of bone fractures (up to 20 percent), as well as lowered bone mineral density.

"This gene by itself changes the risk of osteoporosis only by a small amount," stressed lead author Joyce B. J. van Meurs, of the department of internal medicine at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She added that, going forward, "several genes need to be discovered to make a robust, useful clinical tool for osteoporosis and that's what we're going to do."

A third study found that adults who experienced abuse during childhood and who also have variations in the FKBP5 gene were at greater risk for symptoms of PTSD as adults. The gene is related to the stress response which, in PTSD, appears unable to turn itself down after a trauma or series of traumas, explained study co-author Rebekah G. Bradley of the departments of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University School of Medicine and the Atlanta VA Medical Center.

The study was conducted in a low-income, urban population of Atlanta where 25 percent of participants reported symptoms consistent with PTSD -- high even when compared to rates experienced by recently returned combat veterans from Iraq.

The stress-linked gene variations "may predict both risk and resilience to PTSD among survivors of [childhood abuse]," Bradley explained. "The gene was not related to depression," she added.

Still, putting genomics into everyday medical practice is in its infancy, Scheuner's study suggested. Her team at the RAND Corporation found that the healthcare workforce is woefully unprepared for the dawning genetic area, especially as more tests are developed for common diseases.

"We need to educate the workforce about the role of genetics in disease and risk assessment and the potential for new therapeutics, and we need to think about training more genetic professionals who have a background in adult medicine," Scheuner said. "We need to understand how this information is going to fit into the way we practice medicine, how it makes a difference for patients, and how best to deliver services."

Source @ Forbes

Eight Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer

Looking for a good excuse to tip back a beer?

You don't have to wait for St. Patrick's Day. That's because a decade's worth of health research shows that regular, moderate beer intake--one to two 12 ounce glasses per day for men and one for women--can be good for you, especially if you're facing some of the most common diseases related to aging.

Experts say wine tends to get most of the attention when it comes to the health benefits of alcohol primarily because of the French paradox, a reference to the relatively low rate of heart disease in France in spite of a diet high in saturated fat. The idea is that daily sips of Merlot make the difference.

But a number of studies are showing that moderate consumption of alcohol, including beer, can have similar heart healthy effects, including making men 30 to 35% less likely to have a heart attack than those who abstain.

"Wine is still on moral high ground," says Charlie Bamforth, chair and professor of the department of food science and technology at the University of California, Davis, "but beer deserves just the same acclamation."

Interest in the health effects of beer has been growing over the past eight to 10 years in tandem with a rise in the popularity of craft beers--usually defined as products of brewers who make fewer than 2 million barrels a year, says Nancy Tringali Piho, a spokeswoman for the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

Unlike many mass-produced beers, craft beers tend to be brewed with a particular focus on flavor, appearance and aroma. Their appeal has attracted an upscale audience that's curious about the beverage and how it compares with wine health-wise.

The news is good, particularly for baby boomers, many of whom are dealing with obesity and high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Alcohol, including beer, in moderation raises high-density lipoprotein or HDL, known as good cholesterol, says Dr. R. Curtis Ellison, chief of the section of preventive medicine and epidemiology and professor of medicine and public health at the Boston University School of Medicine. It also appears to have a favorable effect on the lining of blood vessels, making them less likely to form a clot or for a clot to rupture and plug an artery, and may help protect against Type 2 diabetes.

"People should realize that a little bit of alcohol on a regular basis decreases the risks of aging," says Ellison, who specializes in researching, among other things, the relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and chronic diseases.

And earlier this month researchers at the National Institutes of Health released a study showing that frequent drinking in moderation may protect men from death due to cardiovascular disease. Men who reported drinking 120 to 365 days a year had a 20% lower cardiovascular death rate than those who drank one to 36 days a year. Overdoing it, however, can have the opposite effect. Men who knocked back five or more drinks when they did indulge had a 30% greater risk for death via heart disease.

Beer may also give your brain a boost.

Adults over age 65 who drank one to six alcoholic beverages over the course of the week turned out to have a lower risk of dementia than non-drinkers or heavier drinkers, according to a 2003 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Likewise, a 2006 report that appeared in an American Heart Association journal showed that a drink or two a day might be linked to better cognitive function in women.

Consume With Caution

Of course, beer isn't good for everyone. Other studies have shown that consuming two or more glasses of alcohol a day may increase a woman's risk of breast cancer, and few medical experts will suggest that a non-drinker take up the habit just for the health benefits, when exercise and a good diet can produce similar benefits.

And Bamforth says he's not so sure that the growing selection of organic beers, those that don't contain sulfites, chemical preservatives and are made with mostly, if not all, organic ingredients, or beers flavored with antioxidant-laden super-fruits will have much of a health impact. It's the alcohol content, as well as vitamins and minerals, in beer that has proved to make a difference.

More important, he doesn't recommend that people think of beer as medicine. Beer is something to enjoy, he says. Just don't feel guilty about indulging.

"In moderation," Bamforth says, "it's part of a wholesome diet."

Source @

Vegan diet 'help' for arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis patients may be able to reduce their high risk of heart attacks and strokes with a gluten-free, vegan diet, a study suggests.

Heart attacks and strokes are among the leading causes of death for sufferers, as the inflammation caused by the disease impacts upon the arteries.

But an Arthritis Research and Therapy study found those who pursued a vegan regime had less "bad" cholesterol.

By clogging arteries, this is seen as a key risk factor for heart problems.

Rheumatoid Arthritis affects around 350,000 people in the UK.

Millet and sesame

But researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm say this risk could be reduced through a diet which excludes animal products and gluten - found in wheat, oats, rye and barley.

They placed 38 volunteers on the diet, in which protein accounted for 10% of daily energy intake, carbohydrate 60% and fat for 30%.

It included nuts, sunflower seeds, fruit and vegetables, millet and corn. Sesame milk provided a daily source of calcium.

A further 28 volunteers followed a healthy diet with approximately the same proportions of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Saturated fats were not to make up more than 10% of daily energy intake, and wholegrain products were to be chosen as often as possible.

Those on the vegan diet showed a decrease in the total level of cholesterol and specifically a reduction in the amount of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as "bad cholesterol".

In contrast, those on the non-vegan diet showed no significant variations in these levels.

The researchers pointed to a "large body of evidence" suggesting that these changes were beneficial when it comes to preventing blockage of the arteries and cardiovascular disease.

The vegan volunteers also had a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) at the end of the 12 month period, while the control group remained the same.

The Arthritis Research Campaign, which is currently looking into how statins may reduce cardiovascular risks for sufferers, said the study was of interest but said the role of diet could be exaggerated.

"However we do know that, for example, eating oily fish can reduce inflammation, and risk factors for developing the condition include high consumption of red meat and low consumption of fruit and vegetables, so diet does play a role - however limited," a spokeswoman said.

But the charity also sounded a note of warning: "A vegan diet may be helpful in reducing cholesterol, but it is difficult to get enough of some important nutrients on a vegan diet."

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Online backgammon tournament on the web

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Male Hair Replacement

As men know all too well, there can be an inverse relationship between density of body hair and head hair. You can have a back like Wolfman and still be all Kojak on top. That’s because of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which has opposite effects on different parts of the body.

“The scalp hair on the top and front of the head reacts to DHT by miniaturizing, so subsequent generations of hair get thinner, finer and shorter,” explains Dr. Robert Bernstein, clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University and founder of the Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration. “With hair on the body, DHT has the reverse effect: It’s stimulated by the same DHT, but over time those hairs thicken and lengthen.” Thank you, DHT.

When hair first starts thinning, medication can reverse loss.

The most trusted medicine for hair loss is finasteride (Propecia), followed by minoxidil (Rogaine or HealthGuard). Propecia, which comes in pill form, works by inhibiting the DHT receptors in hair follicles. No one is quite sure how Rogaine works, but this over-the-counter topical cream seems to extend the growth cycle of hair follicles—though not indefinitely. Both drugs are dose-dependent; they will only function as long as you use them. And both are best used when hair first shows signs of thinning. Once the hair is gone, your money is better spent on hats. Or Zoloft.

Laser therapy, where low-level light is used to stimulate follicles, is another credible and increasingly popular technique.

Replacement surgery has come a long way.

They say only one thing can prevent baldness: hair. Replacement surgery doesn’t actually replace hair, however—it just moves it around on your head.

The leading procedure today is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Bernstein, who pioneered the technique, summarizes, “About 10 years ago we realized hair doesn’t grow in individual strands but in naturally occurring units of one to four hairs. It’s a tiny bundle which makes for a tiny graft which you put in a tiny hole …the older procedures, such as plugs, were much less elegant and the wounds were bigger. With follicular unit transplantation, you can mimic the way hair naturally grew. It preserves the natural appearance and you get better growth.”

Like sod taking hold in fertile dirt, the transplanted hairs establish blood supply at the new site, the incisions heal, and voila—the only problem left is your personality.

Older and balder really is better.

In another cruel twist, the best candidates for hair transplantation are guys who tend to be well past their days of chasing girls and jobs. Ideal candidates have a well-established baldness pattern, with thick hair on the back and sides (“donor sites”) and a shiny bald top. Younger men often want a hairline closer to their forehead, which looks unnatural when they get older. Baldness tends to be more emotionally loaded for younger men, too, and they may have unrealistic expectations.

Your hairline isn’t just your mother’s family’s fault.

While there is clearly a genetic component to balding, it’s not necessarily traceable to your maternal grandfather, as commonly believed. Your hairline is written into your entire genetic makeup, just like the rest of your finest traits. A few other myths surround hair loss, including the idea that it’s caused by wearing hats; however, neither matting nor friction will cause loss, and hair follicles get oxygen from the bloodstream rather than from the air. Excessive washing of the hair won’t promote baldness, either. On the other hand, braiding and corn-rowing do cause permanent hair loss by cutting off the blood supply.

Male Hair Replacement has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Robert Bernstein, clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University.

Source @ MSN

Searching people across the web

Nowadays, since Internet technology come and be a part of our lifestyle, using search engine to find all information you need across the web is getting more fascinating and helpful by avoiding you to spend too much time. All you need to do is just type one or more word related to the information you need and click enter button and “tadaaaa….. “, there are lot of links coming to your browser where you can go trough them and find the exact information you need.

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They collect a large combination of facts and information of people by indexing the entire web and also focusing on important hubs of people information like blogs, wikipedia and, of course, social networks. They give every person found by their search engine a permanent profile page and auto-creates tags individually based on the information they collect.

Unlike known search engines like Google, Spock display just one search result for each person. This helps your search more comfortable because you don’t have to look through several result pages just to come across the same person again and again.

If you wish to be found by others on Spock, you need to register yourself, add pictures and tags in a few simple steps, and after you are registered, then anyone can start searching you on Spock. As a registered member you can also add pictures and tags to a person’s information you found on Spock, save them as your people or contacts and send message to them if they are registered too.

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Get your credit rating back on the right track

Credit rating is always an important variable to consider when we talk about getting approval on loans, credit cards, mortgage, etc. If possible, we all want to keep a good track, but sometime some people have to face a situation where they can no longer maintain this good record.

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Gadgets may cause lonely bedtimes

Our liking for modern technology may be disrupting our sleep - and even our relationships, claims a UK survey.

The poll, by The Sleep Council, found that many people admitted checking texts, surfing the internet, or playing games in bed.

It suggests one in four people now regularly sleeps in a different bed from their partner, and many often go to bed at different times.

The average midweek bedtime is between 10pm and 11pm, says the survey.

Jessica Alexander, from the The Sleep Council, which is funded by the bed industry, said: "Busy night time routines are driving couples' bedtimes and even their bedrooms apart.

"Nine per cent of those questioned admitted to always sleeping separately from their partner."

One in ten of the 1,400 people questioned said their bedtime routine included saying prayers - but charging up mobiles and other gadgets was a higher priority, with 22% mentioning this.

Some traditions are still going strong, however, with pyjamas still the most popular choice of nightwear.

Two out of five people said they rarely went to bed at the same time as their partner, and one in three said bed was a good place to make phone calls, or send texts and emails.

One in five visited social networking sites such as Facebook while propped up with pillows, or listened to their MP3 players.

Some bedtime drinks are also not guaranteed to aid sleep - while water, cocoa and other milky drinks are still popular, 9% of those surveyed said that coffee was a nightcap, with another 9% opting for alcohol.

All of which adds up to a potentially poor night's sleep, says the council.

"The survey shows that more than half of us regularly feel so tired at work that we would like to go home, with one in eight people feeling that way three or four times a week," said Jessica Alexander.

'Not necessarily bad'

Denise Knowles, from Relate, the marriage guidance charity, said that sleeping apart was not necessarily a bad thing for couples.

"It does depend whether, even though they're sleeping in different beds, they're still having sex - in some ways, it could be like dating again: 'Your place or mine?'.

"In fact, sleeping in different beds can be a very considerate thing to do, if there is something like bad snoring which is keeping the other person awake."

However, she said that one in ten people who contacted Relate cited computer gaming or the internet as a contributor to the troubles in their relationship.

"If you are spending a lot of time on the computer or games machine, it could be detracting from your relationship, and you should ask yourself why you're doing that, and not spending time with your partner."

Professor Jim Horne, from the Sleep Research Centre in Loughborough, said that while there was some evidence that computers and televisions in the bedroom disrupted the sleep of children, this was not necessarily the case for adults.

"I don't think there is any evidence we are sleeping less now than we ever did," he said.

Source @ BBC

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Female Orgasm Myths

woman orgasmWe’ve come a long way since the days when science doubted the existence of the female orgasm. Today, a woman’s sexual satisfaction is a major field of study and the average couple has spent a great deal of time trying to improve her experience. This is certainly appreciated, but some of you may be trying too hard; her level of satisfaction may already be everything she could hope for.

That’s right: You may be striving toward a goal that has been based entirely on myth. This misinformation circulates with surprising frequency and you may be shocked (if not relieved) to learn how wrong some of them are. Read on as we discuss, and set right, the biggest female orgasm myths around.

All women want a G-spot orgasm
Put in the simplest terms possible: This is a load of crap. While it’s true that many women lust for G-spot orgasms, it’s a complete orgasm myth that all women desire such a thing. For many women, having the G-spot stimulated -- even "correctly" -- results in a sensation that can only be described as extremely uncomfortable. It can make a woman feel like she needs to urinate immediately, and that’s never fun. It can also cause her to feel pain, and not in a sexy S&M kind of way, either. In fact, the whole stimulating the G-spot thing can annoy some women to the point where it completely turns them off for the rest of the evening. Yes, some women love having their G-spot stimulated -- but many don’t.

Women need a skilled partner to orgasm
Many men pride themselves on their ability to make a woman orgasm (and your skills are definitely appreciated), but the ultimate responsibility for a woman’s orgasm belongs to her. It’s perfectly normal for a woman to have difficulty achieving a vaginal orgasm -- that’s why God invented the clitoris. Meaning: She can still achieve a fabulous orgasm even if her lover is a virgin with limited experience and know-how. A man’s efforts are certainly helpful, but if she’s not achieving orgasm she has no one to blame but herself. Additionally, many women suffer from performance anxiety just as men do. If a woman falls into this category, even the most skillful of men wouldn’t be able to make her orgasm, regardless of his efforts.

Women need to orgasm to enjoy themselves
This orgasm myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex feels good whether you have an orgasm or not, and when combined with the right level of intimacy, the experience can be immensely satisfying regardless of whether or not she climaxes. Many women even prefer foreplay to actual sex and orgasm. Why? Because, for some women kissing, hugging and caressing are more satisfying than anything you see in porn flicks. If you combine these acts of affection with slow and steady penetration, most women will be perfectly content at the end of your love session.

Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms
This orgasm myth is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. OK, not exactly, but you get the idea. The basic point is this: Both are perfectly lovely and they can be equally satisfying. The only reason vaginal orgasms are regarded as the Holy Grail of ecstasy is how infrequently they occur. Statistically speaking, it’s estimated that 30% of women will never even experience one and only 30% do so with regularity. That means you have a very good chance of dating or marrying a woman who will never achieve a vaginal orgasm. Unfair as that may sound, clitoral orgasms are not to be taken lightly; they can be absolutely earth-shattering under the right circumstances, and some women prefer them. Clitoral orgasms are wonderful and there is no reason to pity a woman who hasn’t experienced an orgasm through vaginal stimulation.

Women can’t ejaculate
Anyone who still believes this orgasm myth has clearly never seen a good porn film. Women can definitely ejaculate, and some can do so more forcefully (and with more volume) than men. It’s a relatively new acknowledgment in the scientific community, so the research still leaves something to be desired, but there’s plenty of evidence to support the claim. We know that women ejaculate through the urethra, just like men. Female ejaculate contains the same substances male ejaculate contains, and it’s produced in the "female prostate" -- an organ which is extremely similar to the male prostate, albeit smaller. Women seem to ejaculate primarily through direct stimulation of the G-spot (some scientists believe this is actually the urethral sponge), but not all women can or will experience ejaculation. So, if she doesn't have a gushing end, don't think she didn't enjoy herself, just try again another time.

Source @ Askmen

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Lifelock - Protect Your Identity

lifelockNow in the real 21st century world, when you are struggle with busy lifestyle, working so hard to make much money for a proper life, and you never aware that you are threaten and could be a victim of identity theft. If you're an ID thief's mark, you'll likely face years of lost money and added frustration as you work to clean up the mess.

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Identity theft is serious. While some identity theft victims can resolve their problems quickly, others spend hundreds of dollars and many days repairing damage to their good name and credit record. Some consumers victimized by identity theft may lose out on job opportunities, or be denied loans for education, housing or cars because of negative information on their credit reports. In rare cases, they may even be arrested for crimes they did not commit.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Suicide attempts hold extra risks for anorexics

By Terri Coles

TORONTO (Reuters) - Anorexics are at a higher risk of death by suicide than the average person because they are more likely to choose deadlier methods like hanging and jumping in front of trains, a study suggested.

The findings, which will be published in the Journal of Affective Disorders this spring, provides insight into identifying patients at risk of carrying out lethal acts that would kill any person, regardless of their health, said lead author Jill Holm-Denoma, an assistant professor at the University of Vermont.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder marked by unhealthy weight loss and self-starvation. Anorexics have a distorted self-image and an irrational fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, even when they are underweight. The condition is often chronic, and anorexia has one of the highest premature death rates of all mental illnesses, according to the National Eating Disorders Association; between 5 and 20 percent of anorexics will die due to the condition.

Suicide is a leading cause of death for anorexics, and they already have a much higher suicide rate than seen in the general population, Holm-Denoma said. "People with anorexia complete suicide at a rate that's about 57 times higher than the expected rate in similar populations that don't have anorexia."

There are two competing hypotheses for why the rate of suicide is so much higher for anorexics than in the general population, Holm-Denoma said. The first is that due to the nature of their condition, anorexics already have weakened health, which reduces their chances of surviving an attempt on their own lives -- basically, that a suicide attempt that might not kill a normal person could kill an anorexic. "Therefore, they might be able to engage in what would be a relatively non-lethal suicide attempt for somebody of average health," she explained, "but they would end up dying just because they were so medically compromised."

The second hypothesis is that anorexics often die from suicide attempts because those attempts are more likely to involve lethal methods and scenarios with little chance of rescue. That explanation is based on a theory Dr. Thomas Joiner published in his book "Why People Die By Suicide," Holm-Denoma said. "What he predicts is that people who have multiple experiences with self-harm early in their life eventually acquire the capacity to engage in highly lethal forms of self-injury," she said. Individuals who have a history of causing themselves harm or who have endured multiple painful or provocative experiences -- such as abuse or serious injury -- are more likely to harm themselves in ways that could kill them.

The theory does not apply only to anorexics, but the nature of anorexia nervosa involves a significant amount of self-harm, Holm-Denoma said. Anorexics starve themselves to the point of physical pain, and many of the effects of that starvation also lead to suffering. "Some people are so underweight that even laying in bed is painful to them," she said. Many anorexics also engage in other self-harm behaviors aside from those directly associated with the disease.

"Stemming from this theory," Holm-Denoma said, "we predicted that people with anorexia would have worked themselves up to be able to engage in highly lethal suicide methods."

To test the hypothesis, Holm-Denoma and her team examined case studies of anorexics who had received in-hospital treatment. Looking at patients who had been admitted to a hospital or care facility for treatment of anorexia nervosa, they examined nine who had attempted suicide and died. The study found the majority of the deceased patients chose methods of suicide that would kill a healthy person: two hung themselves, and three jumped in front of a train. One woman killed herself via carbon monoxide poisoning, and another ingested toilet bowl cleaner. The other patients died of drug overdoses. Several patients had tried to kill themselves previously.

Most of the patients also had taken some measures to prevent someone from interrupting the suicide attempt, for example, by committing suicide in an isolated location, lowering their risk of rescue.

It's not only the severity of the method that's striking, but also the gender of the victims. All nine cases in the study were women, and 90 to 95 percent of people diagnosed with anorexia are female, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

"We have a lot of empirical evidence to suggest that in general, women attempt suicide at higher rates than men, but they actually die by suicide much less frequently than men do," Holm-Denoma said. This is because women generally choose less lethal methods when they attempt suicide -- drug overdoses versus firearms, for example -- and therefore are more likely to survive a suicide attempt.

But because the methods chosen by the subjects in the study were deadlier, they died from them more often -- their sample was over 100 times more likely to die from suicide than average, Holm-Denoma said, even higher than other studies have shown for anorexics. "We're seeing a high rate of completed suicide in this group, which flies in the face of what we know for the general population."

The findings can help increase the awareness of the risk of suicide and suicide attempts in people suffering from anorexia nervosa, Holm-Denoma said, particularly among care-givers like physicians.

Doctors can do regular suicide assessments with their patients, she suggested, asking their patients about self-harm or painful experiences in an attempt to identify those that may be at a higher risk of making attempts on their own lives. When those patients are identified, physicians should intervene specifically with treatments not just for anorexia but also for suicide, she said.

Because the study is not empirical, it doesn't allow for conclusive discussion of cause and effect, Holm-Denoma said. As well, the subjects were followed for about 13 years from the time they first received treatment for anorexia nervosa, she said, which makes these results preliminary; in order to come to conclusive results about the final suicide rates, the patients would have to be followed until they all died, from suicide or other causes.

As well, the people in the study were all anorexics who received intensive treatment for the condition at a hospital, Holm-Denoma pointed out. "There's actually some literature to suggest that people who end up seeking treatment in these major hospitals have more severe cases of anorexia than maybe the prototypical case," she said, "so it's possible that some of the results that we're seeing could be at least in part explained by the severity of these individuals' anorexia." Further study could look at anorexics who had the disease but didn't reach the point of in-hospital treatment for it.

"I think the first thing is just to remind people that individuals with anorexia are at a much higher risk of dying by suicide than the average person," Holm-Denoma said. "Just having that awareness is important."

Source @ Reuters

Sunday, March 2, 2008

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Natural Medicine: Good Nutrition: A matter of fact

March is National Nutrition Month, an educational campaign sponsored by the American Dietetic Association designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed nutrition decisions and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. With new research and diet recommendations coming out on a daily basis, it can be difficult to make the best food choices and many myths about nutrition continue to exist. In the spirit of National Nutrition Month, here are two common nutrition myths and facts:

Myth: It's hard to get enough protein on a vegetarian or mostly plant-based diet.

Fact: For most people in the United States, if you are eating enough calories then you are eating enough protein. In fact, the majority of Americans consume well over their required protein needs. While meat, poultry and fish are the most concentrated sources, protein is found in almost all foods. Studies show that a mostly plant-based diet can be healthy while still meeting your body's protein requirements.

Myth: Fats are bad for your heart.

Fact: Fats are a necessary part of a healthy diet. It is the types of fat you choose that is important. Saturated and trans fats, typically found in animal products and commercially prepared baked goods, respectively, can contribute to heart disease and risk of stroke. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, typically found in plant-based oils, nuts and seeds, should be included in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids, found in such foods as cold-water fish, walnuts and flaxseeds, are specific polyunsaturated fatty acids that are known for boosting brain function and decreasing inflammation in the body. Approximately 30 percent of your total daily calories should come from healthy fat.

Source @ nwsource

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vitamin E linked to lung cancer

Taking high doses of vitamin E supplements can increase the risk of lung cancer, research suggests.

The US study of 77,000 people found taking 400 milligrams per day long-term increased cancer risk by 28% - with smokers at particular risk.

It follows warnings about similar risks of excessive beta-carotene use.

Writing in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, an expert said people should get their vitamins from fruit and veg.

Dr Tim Byers, from the University of Colorado, said a healthy, balanced diet meant people took in a whole range of beneficial nutrients and minerals, which might help to reduce cancer risk.

The researchers followed people aged between 50 and 76 for four years and looked at their average daily use of vitamin C and folic acid, and vitamin E supplements.

Over the course of the study, 521 people developed lung cancer.

Smoking, family history and age all had unsurprisingly strong links to cancer risk.

And while neither vitamin C or folic acid use had any effect on lung cancer risk, vitamin E use did.

The researchers extrapolated their findings, and concluded that over a decade, there was an additional 7% increase in risk for every 100 milligrams taken per day.

The vitamin E trend was most prominent among smokers, but was not confined to them.

Vitamin E is known to be an antioxidant - protecting cells from molecules called free radicals.

But the US researchers speculate that, in high doses, it may also act as a pro-oxidant - causing oxidation and therefore damage to cells.

'Toxic effects'

Dr Christopher Slatore of the University of Washington in Seattle, who led the study, said: "In contrast to the often assumed benefits or at least lack of harm, supplemental vitamin E was associated with a small increased risk of lung cancer.

"Future studies may focus on other components of fruits and vegetables that may explain the decreased risk of cancer that has been associated with fruit and vegetables.

"Meanwhile, our results should prompt clinicians to counsel patients that these supplements are unlikely to reduce the risk of lung cancer and may be detrimental."

But Henry Scowcroft, senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "The jury's still very much out on whether vitamin and mineral supplements can affect cancer risk.

"Some studies suggest a benefit, but many others show no effect and some, like this one, suggest they may even increase risk."

He added: "Research repeatedly shows that a healthy, balanced diet can reduce your risk of some cancers while giving you all the vitamins you need.

"Quitting smoking remains the most effective way to avoid many cancers. There's no diet, or vitamin supplement, that could ever counter the toxic effects of cigarette smoke."

In 2002 a Finnish study of 29,000 male smokers found taking beta-carotene - which is converted into vitamin A in the body - was linked to an 18% increased risk of developing lung cancer

Source @ BBC