Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Searching people across the web

Nowadays, since Internet technology come and be a part of our lifestyle, using search engine to find all information you need across the web is getting more fascinating and helpful by avoiding you to spend too much time. All you need to do is just type one or more word related to the information you need and click enter button and “tadaaaa….. “, there are lot of links coming to your browser where you can go trough them and find the exact information you need.

By now, if information you are looking for is about people, let say you want to find the celebrity you are fan of, or maybe a politician, comedian, chef, or people you know like friend or family, then you have to visit Spock.com

Spock is the best place for people search. It is completely dedicated to information about people. Spock is an open site and free to use for people seeking information about other people.

They collect a large combination of facts and information of people by indexing the entire web and also focusing on important hubs of people information like blogs, wikipedia and, of course, social networks. They give every person found by their search engine a permanent profile page and auto-creates tags individually based on the information they collect.

Unlike known search engines like Google, Spock display just one search result for each person. This helps your search more comfortable because you don’t have to look through several result pages just to come across the same person again and again.

If you wish to be found by others on Spock, you need to register yourself, add pictures and tags in a few simple steps, and after you are registered, then anyone can start searching you on Spock. As a registered member you can also add pictures and tags to a person’s information you found on Spock, save them as your people or contacts and send message to them if they are registered too.

Just pay a visit to this site and you can start searching people. You can start your search by enter some term like pro-choice Presidential candidates, people arrested for drunk driving, Brazilian Models, Zip Realtors in New York or any other fun terms you like and see how incredible the work Spock can do for you.

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