Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is Kongkow Conference Call?

Conference call is a meeting or conversation between more than three participant using electronic devices like phone or smartphone. Conference call know also as audio conference because using this system only allow audio exchange to communicate each other.
Kongkow conference call is a conference call provider in Indonesia who provide an easy and instant audio teleconferencing for Indonesia people. It is very easy to start using Kongkow because you only need to register an account using a valid email and phone number, then you will get a PIN number directly and ready to hold a teleconference with your colleagues.
Kongkow provide an Indonesia local number where you and all teleconference participant can make a call at the same time, then each of you dial the same PIN number, each participant will be connected to a conference room and ready to talk each other.
Using conference bridge provide by Kongkow, you will not charged an additional cost. It's totally free. You will be charged by your operator using a rtegular toll fee just like when you make a regular phone call.
It's different to other conference call provider in Indonesia which is you have to make a reservation before hold a teleconference, using Kongkow is reservationless. When you have a PIN number, you can make a conference call anytime you need.
The advantage of conference call or audio teleconference compare to other type of electronic conferences like video conference and web conference, this service is very easy to use and you don't need additional software and hardware beside your phone devices.
Go sign up a Kongkow account right now and  experience how easy and instant to make a teleconference.