Monday, April 26, 2010

Study in Progress: The Impact of Cell Phones

Some researches have shown that cell phones had no impact on the health of a person, but experts said the study period is probably not long enough to detect certain diseases, like cancer. That is why, Cosmos research will be undertaken in a period of five years.

The researchers said the current best way to do it is to monitor the health of mobile phone users in certain period of time. "In this way we can get a real picture to determine whether there is a link between cell phones and disease," said Dr Mireille Toledano, researchers from Imperial College London.

Later the study was not limited to brain cancer, given the current people use mobile phones in a variety of ways, including to open the site, so the phone does not always have to be used near the head.

"We'll see a variety of health impacts that may arise, including various cancers, such as the skin cancer and diseases related to brain nerves. Disorders and complaints such as headache, tinnitus, depression, and sleep disorder also will be monitored," said Toledano.

Let's wait for the results. Does electromagnetic radiation that has been accused of a health hazard actually proven.

Happy Goes Lucky!

Considering today’s lifestyle, more and more people live in stressful life! It’s just about work, work and work, pressure and more pressure. People were chased by targets and deadlines. It seems like an endless office work, it’s only about business, making more money, profit! People spend more and more time in office, less time for themselves and family. Home has become just one place to get few hours of rest. Sound familiar to you?

This is not some trends or lifestyles to follow, we need money but pleasure, family, your loved one is not something you can just leave behind. Life must be balance between work and pleasure, money and rest, everyone deserves to be happy, so get yourself some pleasure times, whatever that fit your style from Outbound, Cooking, Movies to Casinos online! The most important thing is that you enjoy your time, haven’t you heard that Happy goes Lucky?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Surprising symptons of Stress

Stress can come with some pretty surprising symptoms, from forgetfulness to nausea to skin rashes. Most of the time, you didn't feel quite like yourself. Find out about how your body is telling you that you’re too anxious!

1. Cavities
We all know that slacking off on dental hygiene is the first way to get cavities, but stress can also be a culprit especially when you're grinding your teeth at night or during the day.

2. An eye twitch
Have you ever had an eye twitch? The often temporary condition can be annoying and worrisome, and for some, can be triggered by stress, this condition is known as blepharospasm.

3. Rashes
It sounds strange, but your skin can be a pretty good barometer of your stress level. Stress can cause a rash, usually raised red spots or hives on the stomach, back, arms and face.

4. Forgetfulness
Lost keys, forgotten appointments, missing cell phone are just few signs that you are under stress. Research shows that chronic stress can literally shrink the size of the hippocampus, which is responsible for some memories, that's why you forgot!

5. Confusion
Stress causes distraction and lack of focus. Stress hormones lodge longest in the brain. Sunlight helps the body release serotonin to improve mood, and vitamin D helps you improve your immune system.

6. Nausea
Have you ever been worried about a loved one's (or your own) health condition, Googled it and suddenly felt nauseated? Stress can upset the stomach, and nausea can be a byproduct of worry.

7. Ragged Cuticles
Do you have ragged, unkempt cuticles or nails? Their condition could be the result of a stress-induced nervous habit. Nervous habits like nail-biting are how several people channel their stress by distracting ourselves with what is known as oral satisfaction.

8. The pain in your neck
The pain in your neck that you attributed to long hours at the computer could actually be a symptom of stress. "Stress definitely affects our musculoskeletal system, resulting in tight, contracting muscles and/or spasms in muscles."

9. Sleepiness
Feeling sluggish? Stress hormones cause your body to surge with adrenaline and then crash into sleepiness.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Asus Eee Pad Ready to Challenge iPad

Asus Eee PadAsus is ready to challenge iPad with their product called Eee Pad. Apple seems need to be alert. Asus is reportedly going to bring along Google Chrome, Android and Windows fro this project. Not only that, Asus also asked Nvidia, with its chip Tegra 2.

As quoted from Forbes, Jonney Shih, Chairman of Asus, the Asus tablet will most probably run with OS Chrome, Android and Windows. So it is an option for users.

"Apple did have their own operating system camp, but Asus always open their arms to Google and Microsoft," he explained. With this Asus is actually more confident, because the price of the Eee Pad is said to worth a lot cheaper than iPad, despite carrying the OS from a third party.

Well, the most important Eee Pad is going to focus on multimedia content. "Content is key in a tablet. With Google, the Eee Pad would have a lot of content," he added. Rumors said that this Tegra Chip 2 product will be launched in June.

Tegra Nvidia chip is a line of System-On-Chip (SoC) type that could provide a better three-dimensional capability. This chip is equipped with Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 microprocessor (1 GHz).

Tegra 2 can also run Unreal Engine 3 and 140 hours of music playback, and 16 hours of HD video with a single battery charge.