Monday, April 26, 2010

Study in Progress: The Impact of Cell Phones

Some researches have shown that cell phones had no impact on the health of a person, but experts said the study period is probably not long enough to detect certain diseases, like cancer. That is why, Cosmos research will be undertaken in a period of five years.

The researchers said the current best way to do it is to monitor the health of mobile phone users in certain period of time. "In this way we can get a real picture to determine whether there is a link between cell phones and disease," said Dr Mireille Toledano, researchers from Imperial College London.

Later the study was not limited to brain cancer, given the current people use mobile phones in a variety of ways, including to open the site, so the phone does not always have to be used near the head.

"We'll see a variety of health impacts that may arise, including various cancers, such as the skin cancer and diseases related to brain nerves. Disorders and complaints such as headache, tinnitus, depression, and sleep disorder also will be monitored," said Toledano.

Let's wait for the results. Does electromagnetic radiation that has been accused of a health hazard actually proven.