Friday, January 22, 2010

Car Spoilers Function

Sometimes when a car is driven on a road, it may slip or slides and no body wants that happen, it happens when a car looses its grip on the road. Car is equipped with tires that have been designed to grip on the road but on certain cases like when a car is driven too fast, it tends to slip or slides.

Car spoilers are also designed to have a similar function but in a limited way which it is to improve a car’s grip. When it was created for the first time, the real functions of spoilers are for stability and lift-reduction, how it works? It generates a downward force on the car so the car can stay firmly on the ground and that makes driving safer.

These days, since it is so noticeable people tend to buy spoilers to improve the look of a car. So in general people buy spoilers can be for the looks or function (or both). To purchase car spoiler, people can buy them online, it is available in many shape, size, color and material.

Photos are shown so buyers can select what they want by looking at those photos. Spoiler is one of many scientific inventions and thanks to this invention, car become more stable to ride and it makes a car even look better; it gives your car some styles. And when it comes to enhance the look of your car, only select spoiler that fit your personality to create your own style.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

HP Launches Laptop with USB 3.0

HP envy 15 with USB 3.0HP Envy 15 specifications have something excited everyone, On this laptop, the USB port has packed with the latest new 3.0 version. HP became the first computer company that provides USB 3.0 technology in its engines.

Envy 15 presents USB 3.0 ports, ATI 5380 graphics, and Intel Core i7 processor quad-core. Besides Envy 15 line product, USB 3.0 port will also be offered on other models aimed for businesses purposes, the EliteBook.

USB 3.0 has long been talked almost everywhere, but only this year we see a product that carries these technologies. USB 3.0 offers more than 10x speed compared to USB 2.0. More precisely USB 3.0 offers speeds up to 5Gbps, while USB 2.0 is only up to 480Mbps.

So with USB 3.0, copying files, especially giant video files will be faster than before. 1GB of data can be transferred within 3.3 seconds on USB 3.0, while the USB 2.0 required at least 33 seconds.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sexy Pose for Emprio Armani

Cristiano Ronaldo Sexy Pose for Emprio ArmaniWe have seen Megan Fox with sexy Armani underwear ad, now our footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's turn the heat by posing for famous fashion house Armani too. The man who once close to Paris Hilton's looks sexy with Armani underwear.

This Portuguese footballer appeared in a sultry ad campaign for Armani underwear and jeans for spring / summer 2010 collection.

During the shooting session, stars 24-year-old field was wearing nothing but only a pair of Armani white boxing shorts. He also showed his muscular hands.

The presence of our Real Madrid club footballer is to replace the position of David Beckham who has become an icon for Armani Emprio for earlier ad. Over the last few years, Victoria's husband had been the model of hot underwear ad campaign for Emprio Armani fashion house.

Now is the time where Beckham has to give his Armani's throne the new icon Ronaldo. The appearance of Christiano Ronaldo as the next model of this fashion house model was official announced directly by Giorgio Armani in October 2009.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Retro style of Zoey Deschanel

Zoey Deschanel Retro styleZoey Deschanel's name may not sound familiar to you. But if you've watched '(500) Days of Summer', She is Summer Finn, the stylish woman who made Tom Hansen crazy in love. So how did the original style of the Zoey?

Zoey dress in the real world seem doesn't much different from the summer at '(500) Days of Summer'. Our pretty girl who’s 29 this year seemed like the retro style of the '60s.

When attending Behind The Camera Award at the Highlands Club, Zoey look sweet and charming with her dark blue halter dress. To complete her style, Zoey was wearing a red canvas belt and blue clutch bag.

On another occasion in the Los Angeles International Airport when she went for a vacation, Zoey was wearing a light blue shirt covered with navy blue cardigans, she also wearing a gray mini skirt, black stockings and flat shoes. Zoey was carrying a Postman canvas bags and wearing a dark blue cloche to cover her head.

While for great event like the Grammy Award, Zoey choose to wear one shoulder violet dress with flower motif on the bottom. Girl friend of musician's Benjamin Gibbard also brought silver clutch in hand. Zoey did not forget to wear stockings which seem to be her must-wear accessory.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lady Gaga with her latest extreme hairstyle

It is not Lady Gaga if she does not become some sensation; she loves to be under the spot light. Our Lady Gaga always get the public attention with her extreme make up, outfit or this time is her hair style! This time is not about her 'bloody' dress or hair ornaments; it's about our blond singer 'crazy" hairstyle.

She attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as usual Lady Gaga again experimented with her appearance. After successfully amazed her fans with her ribbon shape hair, now she returned to play with her hair. This time is hat shape.

In a glance, our 'Just Dance' singer seemed to wear a heat-retaining hat. However, when you take a closer look, you will see that the 'hat' is actually her blond hair arranged in such a way to look like a hat!

She combined this quirky hairstyle with a black tulle plain dress and a round black a la John Lennon glasses, what an extreme appearance but of course it is her signature!