Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Retro style of Zoey Deschanel

Zoey Deschanel Retro styleZoey Deschanel's name may not sound familiar to you. But if you've watched '(500) Days of Summer', She is Summer Finn, the stylish woman who made Tom Hansen crazy in love. So how did the original style of the Zoey?

Zoey dress in the real world seem doesn't much different from the summer at '(500) Days of Summer'. Our pretty girl who’s 29 this year seemed like the retro style of the '60s.

When attending Behind The Camera Award at the Highlands Club, Zoey look sweet and charming with her dark blue halter dress. To complete her style, Zoey was wearing a red canvas belt and blue clutch bag.

On another occasion in the Los Angeles International Airport when she went for a vacation, Zoey was wearing a light blue shirt covered with navy blue cardigans, she also wearing a gray mini skirt, black stockings and flat shoes. Zoey was carrying a Postman canvas bags and wearing a dark blue cloche to cover her head.

While for great event like the Grammy Award, Zoey choose to wear one shoulder violet dress with flower motif on the bottom. Girl friend of musician's Benjamin Gibbard also brought silver clutch in hand. Zoey did not forget to wear stockings which seem to be her must-wear accessory.


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