Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Mobile Phone Use in Aircraft Are Not Allowed?

phoneLike most airline passengers, you probably have serious doubts about those pre-flight announcements asking you to turn off your cellphones, blackberries, iPods and anything else electronic.

The announcements are flat-out ignored by many frequent fliers, who are skeptical that so-called "personal electronic devices" pose any safety threat to airplane. Some passengers openly rebel, like New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who cursed out one flight attendant who demanded he turn off his cellphone.

But a confidential industry study obtained by ABC News indicates there really could be serious safety issues related to cellphones and other PEDs.

A report by the International Air Transport Association, a trade group representing more 230 passenger and cargo airlines worldwide, documents 75 separate incidents of possible electronic interference that airline pilots and other crew members believed were linked to mobile phones and other electronic devices. The report covers the years 2003 to 2009 and is based on survey responses from 125 airlines that account for a quarter of the world's air traffic.

Twenty-six of the incidents in the report affected the flight controls, including the autopilot, autothrust and landing gear. Seventeen affected navigation systems, while 15 affected communication systems. Thirteen of the incidents produced electronic warnings, including "engine indications." The type of personal device most often suspected in the incidents were cell phones, linked to four out of ten.

The report, which stresses that it is not verifying that the incidents were caused by PEDs, includes a sampling of the narratives provided by pilots and crewmembers who believed they were experiencing electronic interference.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Payday Laons: Option to cover short-term financial needs

payday loansPayday loans is one great option to cover your short-term financial needs. Nowadays, you can easily find websites that offer payday laons online suppliers. This type of website will present many links that will assist those who need loans to get the payday loans. What you need is a reliable source to get your payday loans and this is not always easy to find, you have to be patience to make it.

You can always use the search engine to find what you need but it is easier if you already have the payday laons online source. With the internet these days, you can always do the comparison before deciding a supplier to get your loans. You can check the current rates, terms and conditions, compare and then decide the best supplier that fit your financial needs and conditions. You can always find helpful resources (websites) when you go online. Please be careful when selecting your loan provider, ensure about the rates and charges.

You need to have an active source of income; certain minimum age limit is set, certain amount of regular income is also set by the loans provider and you must have an active bank account, for details of the requirements you can always check on the website. One crucial issue here is your monthly income; your monthly income has to be able to cover your payday loans and additional rates. Do not apply payday laons online if you have already knew that you are going to get fired and have no income to return the loans.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Nude World Record

Nude RecordA nude world record was set recently when 400 people stripped off naked and went running into the sea. People came to South Wales from all over the globe to take part in the world skinny-dipping record on Rhossili Beach, Gower.

They tore off their clothes shortly before 8am and bravely ran into the water shrieking and whooping with delight seemingly unperturbed by the wet and wind conditions.

But their cries of joy were replaced by ooohs and aaahs once their naked bodies entered into the icy sea temperature. Skinny dipper Lizzy White, 25, said: 'I have flown in from Australia via Brazil to take part - what was I thinking of?

'But it was great fun and very exhilarating to strip off and dive into the waves, even if they are a lot colder than what I'm used to.'

Shivering first-time skinny dipper Steve Absalom, 29, said: 'I'm quite shy and I have never swam naked before so to do it in front of 400 people was a bit of an eye-opener.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

New rules to cut confusion on sunscreen claims

sunscreenStarting next summer, sunscreens with less than an SPF of 15 or that aren't "broad spectrum" will have to carry a warning label: "This product has been shown only to help prevent sunburn, not skin cancer or early skin aging."

"For the first time, the FDA has clearly defined the testing required to make a broad-spectrum protection claim in a sunscreen and indicate which type of sunscreen can reduce skin cancer risk," said Dr. Ronald L. Moy, president of The American Academy of Dermatology Association.

Under the new rules:

• The FDA will prohibit sunscreen marketing claims like "waterproof" and "sweatproof," which the agency said "are exaggerations of performance."

• The FDA also proposes capping the highest SPF value at 50, unless companies can provide results of further testing that support a higher number.

• FDA says manufacturers must phase out a four-star system currently used by some companies to rate UVA protection.

In reviewing more than 3,000 comments submitted to the agency, the FDA decided the star system was too confusing. Instead, protection against UVA should be proportional to protection against UVB, which is already measured using SPF.

The SPF figure indicates the amount of sun exposure needed to cause sunburn on sunscreen-protected skin compared with unprotected skin. For example, an SPF rating of 30 means it would take the person 30 times longer to burn wearing sunscreen than with exposed skin.

Most dermatologists recommend a broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher every two hours while outside.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sexy Bras and Panties

sexyWomen like to wear bras and panties because of several reasons. Bras and panties and all others similar items make women feel sexy. They also can help women to shape their body, from waist to tight, pretty much everything! Bras and panties protect the most intimate organ of women body. Last but not least, men like women who wear sexy lingerie, at the end these items help couples to create a good aura for their relationship.

With so many online shops selling her room items, it is easy to get bras, panties and other related products these days. What women need is to pick the correct size, product and style that fit their personality. Most of those stores are selling from bras, panties, thongs, to sexy lingerie, as well as swimwear, sleepwear, shape wear and much more. Visit store that’s already popular, known for their best prices, hot sales and free shipping, then you can start buying your favorite products; all is there, from spanx to wacoal.

These items are for your most intimate parts of your body, that’s why you need to select the best product, and you need to find products that can offer comfort. Determine the correct size of your bra (and panties) is essential. Don’t be surprised if there are many ladies out there are putting on the wrong size bra, this could result in many health problems. Just make sure that your bra and panty are not too small, not to big either, just feel it and when you feel the most comfort, that’s the correct size.