Sunday, January 17, 2010

HP Launches Laptop with USB 3.0

HP envy 15 with USB 3.0HP Envy 15 specifications have something excited everyone, On this laptop, the USB port has packed with the latest new 3.0 version. HP became the first computer company that provides USB 3.0 technology in its engines.

Envy 15 presents USB 3.0 ports, ATI 5380 graphics, and Intel Core i7 processor quad-core. Besides Envy 15 line product, USB 3.0 port will also be offered on other models aimed for businesses purposes, the EliteBook.

USB 3.0 has long been talked almost everywhere, but only this year we see a product that carries these technologies. USB 3.0 offers more than 10x speed compared to USB 2.0. More precisely USB 3.0 offers speeds up to 5Gbps, while USB 2.0 is only up to 480Mbps.

So with USB 3.0, copying files, especially giant video files will be faster than before. 1GB of data can be transferred within 3.3 seconds on USB 3.0, while the USB 2.0 required at least 33 seconds.

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