Sunday, March 23, 2008

Charity with style!

We live in a world of lifestyle, we care about ourselves, we care about all convenience we can have, we have cars, and RV’s, trailers, boats and planes. We collect what we want, not always what we need, and most of the time those things are just lying un-used and get rusted! Some people try to sell their extra vehicles, some succeed but others failed! What if I told you that you can get those things out of your house, and you may still have some benefits, you can get your IRS tax deduction for instance, and the most noble part, you help others.

Car Angel Ministries is one organization that can make this thing happen. One call is all its takes. You fill out the donation form, submit it, using their fast and nation wide pick up, they will do free vehicle pick-ups, print your donation receipt, prepare your title documents by signing the title, when the towing drivers arrive, hand over your vehicle, documents and keys to the driver, and you will get your donation receipt and your IRS receipt. Helping people will never been this easy. You can contribute to charity with style!

Car Angel Ministries has been receiving many vehicles from its donors. Have boat to donate? Your boat donations are definitely helps many others. Donate a boat now, or any other vehicles, and be parts of a process where you reach the different lifestyle of others, but this time will be an opposite lifestyle. You reach the homeless, orphans, single mothers, teen and adults’ rehab, as well as prison reform. Car Angel Ministries with their programs and projects has been well known for their effort and hard working to reach those who are in needs. This organization produces children animations and anti-drugs documentations; positive media so children and teen nowadays have positive influences.

Don’t wait till your vehicles consumed by rust, donate now, you still live the same full-time lifestyle, and at the same time manage to help others!

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