Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Intimate Shaving is now available for men

man pubic hairMaintain your beards men quite blithely, even with pride. Shaving remote areas of the body, however reluctantly discussed. But now, the industry trend toward intimate shave the man up. Now it provides a device for the most sensitive region of the body - because where hair is shaved also.

Today we speak about virtually everything. And not just in party mood. And: Did you have fun with provocations and moving - everything must satire - like too far away from decency and tact? Then do you casually and just blithely following customers: "I have just yesterday Intim shave performed. Very useful, das "

"Oops!", The group of those who have such things like the cloak of silence, in parry. But at least you reap a reliable laugh, if you sort the cat out of the bag can be.

But times seriously. Suddenly namely: serious interest. "You rasierst you?" Then, after a pause: "Untenrum?" Above all, it seems the how of general interest: If you "see" the girlfriend of the leg shaver? Or even one's own Nassrasierer, for the face? Preparatory work with the scissors? Already, a veritable, mainly a full-length shoptalk of broken fence. You are now at the center of the party. It depends on your lips: "With or without the foam?"

Even Bayerns Striker Luca Toni understood it, this trick with the attention: He does not shave the chest, he was in a "gala" interview to be recorded. A kind of Outing, because now is the shaving and plucking of breast and body hair in men for good sound. With its commitment to the Wild Striker Toni growth appears not only anachronistic but even wrinkled.

For some time now the trend has to shave on the findings from hydro-and aerodynamics in sport. Swimmers need to shave, na klar, then flow through the dam chen they like fish. Professional cyclists discard also consistently annoying leg hair, but masses of bare-chested was particularly merciless in the beauty of Light gyms. For bodybuilders, the hair should not be an Adonis-like appearance disturb.

From the chest hair until Schameshügel are really only a few centimeters. Meanwhile, industry has taken up the trend and also delivers to male customers device: The BodycruZer von Braun, for "KeinOhrHasen 'Til Schweiger advertising, is the current leader of this fledgling branch of the personal hygiene industry. The shaving device to be approaching it with due respect - after all, the ultra-sharp blades reinforced apparatus for use in ultraempfindlichen points. It outweigh skepticism, and - you hear so much! - Fear of bloody scenarios that night in the emergency room at the embarrassing interrogations. Unfounded, incidentally. Who the BodycruZer turns on, hear a hum, the sovereign, with its precision and uniformity as well as promises of work value.

Naked in front of the mirror we decide for the essay "Sensitive". That sounds cautious, brings confidence and it will - but who reads the already - from the Instruction Manual for the most sensitive areas is recommended. And for particularly sensitive stops in doubt until all times who is using this machine erogenous zones near the body. Smooth initial contact on the tibia. Is that even possible? Surrender raspelt apparatus of a few hairs away. Na bitte. We summarize confidence. Intimate! As should now finally upscale aesthetic standards prevail. Boldly applied, and a pile of hair falls to the ground. Aha. But it's not faster? Ah, so we set the machine wrong, too much like a razor. In the jungle you have to work diagonally - memories of television reports from the mohair shearing in Australia. Gently with the hair trimmers cut, in some regions does the built Nassrasierer. Who mere removal or socket not enough, the attack on the hair mask. The company has Bikinelle like this even a separate unisex line up, because men also increasingly accessed. My favorite hairstyle: the simple stripes.

In the year 2000 Robbie Williams for discussions. In the video for "Rock DJ" was clear to see: the man shaves. "Nothing new under the sun!", We think these questions philosophers. Concealed not even the famous "Venus" by Botticelli, at least from the year 1485, with her pubic hair flowing?

Maintenance "below the belt line" is no longer offensive

The mid-90s was Frank Schaefer of Berlin as "Intim Friseur known. His boss had Marketinggag as the Intimate Hair praised. Against expectations came customers. If we look past most shrill, remembers Schäfer, one would now prefer to halt proliferation of natural form, in the best sense: cultivate. That and how the women deal with "Brazilian Waxing" discard their hair growth, manufactured pop-cultural, the U.S. series "Sex and the City".

It is a very important finding and a final step of the Enlightenment, that the care "below the belt line" is not exactly what same expression suggests: offensive.
But beware: "About every five or ten years, a shift in fashion in one direction or the other place," says Dr. Kevin Powell, laboratory manager at Gillette. In the 70s we have chest hair worn like today is just glattrasiert in. Sure, the opposite trend is also in shave just a matter of time.

But, and this we do not want to hide: How often is shaved, it grows a bit faster - at least it feels like that.

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