Thursday, July 9, 2009

New method for treating infarcts using Ultrasound

ultrasound stem cellPhysicians have presented a new method for stem cells into damaged hearts to conduct. Their results indicate medium to better treatment of infarcts hope, the researchers report in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology ".

A heart attack is not only acutely dangerous. Even if the original seal treated successfully could be life-threatening late complications. These include, for example, serious arrhythmias. Also, often days or weeks after the myocardial infarction scar tissue to be rebuilt. As a result of an irreversible threat Pumpschwäche.

Therapy with stem cells
With conventional medicines these complications can be only partially addressed. Promising, however, is the opinion of the researchers with stem cell therapy. This option is still in its infancy. So it is extremely difficult, the stem cells to infarct scar conducting.

"If we, for example, 100,000 bone marrow stem cells into the bloodstream inject find themselves an hour later only 3,000 in the heart again," explains Dr. Alexander Ghanem of the University Hospital of Bonn. "The remaining 97 percent of land to a large extent in the liver and spleen."

Stem cells are the heart "lured"
The staff of the Medical Clinic II, will together with colleagues from Munster and Cologne change. In addition, the researchers tested a method by which continuous bone marrow stem cells into the heart "lure" can.

"We have in the bloodstream of rats microscopically small gas bubbles injected," said Ghanem. Once you have these bubbles of a suitable ultrasonic pulse suspends, it is the sound box to vibrate. It irritated the surrounding tissue, so that inflammatory mediators ausschüttet. These messengers lure including on stem cells.

Researchers complained all the peripheral zone of the infarct scar
"By selectively the vital edge Zone of the infarct scar complained all the stem cells can be specifically conduct there," says Professor Dr. Klaus Tiemann of the University of Munster. "So at least in theory."

The practice gave the scientists right now: The number of stem cells, which after an hour in the heart again, settled by the sound of nearly 40 percent increase. There they left the blood vessels and migrate into the injured tissue. It is the first time that such a process could be demonstrated.

Good news for heart attack patients
For heart attack patients are the good news. Firstly, the cells that help to improve the pumping. Even more important are probably the so-called paracrine effects of stem cells. Thus, they can already in very small numbers the risk of dangerous cardiac arrhythmias significantly reduced - at least in animal studies.

"Stem cells also seem to prevent the infarct scar more and more magnified," says Ghanem. "The continuing weakness of the heart muscle can be possibly slowing or even stopping."

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