Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enter and Win Your Dream Prize!

Spotit Ball CompetitionsThere are so many online competitions over the internet these days, with a wide range of activities involved, from daily routine to sport. One of them is organized by This online competition is named after the way to win the competition, which is to spot the ball. Entrants have to spot the ball! Entrant can spot up to three spot for each entry. The competition is fair, transparent and entrants have more chances to win.

Fair and transparent! This site offers fair and transparent competition. After entrants’ making their most precise guess and the competition is close, 2 former FA referees are going to judge each competition, the closest to football referees' spot win, here is why this competition is fair and transparent. Entrants can meet the referees too just to ensure that they are dealing with real former FA referees; this is how they brings up the transparency to entrants!

More chances to win! This site offers limited entry competitions, every competition has a maximum number of entries, close when the competitions reach the total number of entries, this is why entrants have more chances to win compared to other similar online competitions that have unlimited entries. Here entrants have more chances to win prizes, from cash prize to win a car; you can also win holidays and many other luxury prizes.

Another reason to enter this competition beside of being fair, transparent and more chances to win is, you can win a car or other prizes without giving away your confidentiality! Yes, according to this site, they do not sell your personal data to other parties! Just visit this site to find out more how it’s different from other competitions sites, enter and win your dream prize!

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