Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life is funny!

It’s a simple weblog and the rant man – this is how the owner of this web called himself – maintain things simple here, he lists his blog’s category, popular contents – today’s and all time, recent comments and some other links on the sidebar, no other complicated and confusing navigation on this blog. This web is just one good blend into today’s trend of weblog!

There were many entry's that made me smile, this is one funny blog and it really draws me in. The writing style of the author is interesting, funny in its natural way, readers do not have to think hard, what you read is what you get, you will find funny moments of the blog owner, funny emails and video he received from friends, and some facts he did not like he just perfectly know how to write them and make you smile! I believe the blog owner just want to share “hey… life is funny”!

One of his posts showing a pic of two wheels; read “Bike Thieves” and get ready to smile, want more? View video under title Mayday – it’s May Day; teaching evaluation in a German course class turn out to be a big disaster! You will get laugh so hard! Or take the reader’s quiz and guess the hard guess. Smile again on how he write and comment comic architecture about p***s shaped buildings dominating the skylines of London and Barcelona these days!

The owner definitely knows best on how to present his blog, he is a real funny. This blog is one recommended blog to cheers up your day!

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