Sunday, May 4, 2008

10 Great Reasons to Exercise and 10 not-so-great reasons!

Need some motivation to get you exercising? Here are 10 great reasons that are sure to move (literally) you!

1. For more self confidence: when you feel more comfortable in your own skin, yougain self assurance and have a higher confidence in your abilities to surmount any obstacles that come your way.

2. For better sleep: Studies show that people who engage in moderate-intensity physical activity for 30 or 40 minutes on a regular basis, fall asleep twice as easily as their sedentary counterparts.

3. For more energy: your body absorbs and processes oxygen more easily, which releases tension from your muscles (and head).

4. For better sex: great sex depends on good overall health and high cardiovascular endurance (among other things, of course). Being comfortable with your own body also helps you feel more liberated and open with your partner.

5. For your savings: people who don’t exercise on a regular basis pay, on average, 10% more for their annual medical expenses. Tack on an additional 8% if they are obese.

6. For long life: by exercising on a regular basis, you reduce your risk of health problems and disease, thus increasing your life expectancy.

7. For friendship: by engaging in physical activity (particularly team sports) you create bonds with other people who share your interests.

8. For less stress: when you exercise, your body releases the day’s stress and tension, and allows you to clear your mind and stop thinking about your problems, if even for a little while.

9. For snack control: new studies show that exercise is your best ally in the fight against snacking. It’s simple, regular physical activity reduces stress; by reducing stress, you reduce cravings.
10. For fun: physical activity should be enjoyable, that’s main reason to get moving.

Here are 10 slightly less great reasons :
1. To stop your arm from jiggling when you wave goodbye.
2. To pick up the sexy trainer at the gym.
3. To have an excuse to buy an iPod.
4. To look like Anna Kournikova.
5. To strut around in a bikini with pride.
6. To make your ex really sorry that he dumped you.
7. To fit into your skinny jeans.
8. To look hot for your new beau.
9. To buy the cute Madonna track suit at H&M.
10. To run after the bus (or the garbage truck) without passing out.

Source : Yahoo! Lifestyle

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