Thursday, May 1, 2008

Green Lifestyle - Buy Organic and Local Foods

Did you know that the blueberries you ate on your breakfast cereal might have traveled as many as 1500 miles to get to your bowl? Buying locally grown produce, whether it's from a greenmarket, a farm stand, or a conscientious supermarket, can conserve fuel, reduce pollution, and support your local economy ... not to mention, produce grown nearby doesn't require preservatives and waxing to keep it fresh.

Likewise, spending the extra money on organic produce will not only keep you from potentially ingesting toxic pesticides, but it's good for the environment. Support organic farmers, and you'll be helping to protect water from pollutants, cut down on soil erosion, and conserve the energy and expense it takes to produce synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Plus, there's no doubt about it-organic and locally grown produce just tastes better.

Source : Yahoo Green!

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