Sunday, May 4, 2008

Indoor Sex Hot Spots; 12 sizzlin' locations to try around the house ...

If you and your sweetie’s sex life is only limited to the bed, perhaps it’s time to spice things up and try out some other indoor spots. If you’re lacking in ideas, we have a few places in mind. And, yes: you can try these at home!

Kitchen table
Why? To whet your appetite before a feast or help you burn a few calories after a heavy meal.
Tip: Remove the tablecloth to allow your body to slide across the tabletop freely and easily.

Running washing machine (or dryer)
Why? The dryer emits an intensifying heat, and the washer will add a little extra motion to your movements. Talk about a super-sized vibrator!
Tip: To save energy, be sure to try this when you’re already doing a load of laundry, so as to not run the machines uselessly.

In the closet
Why? It’s dark and all those coats will provide comfort.
Tip: Try and make love standing upright, practically falling into your clothes. You can even hold on to the bar for leverage as your legs are wrapped around your guy’s waist.

Bath (or shower)
Why? It’s warm, wet and sensual.
Tip: In the tub, your guy could sit on the edge for an easier—and more comfortable—position. In the shower, opt for a standing position with water running down your bodies.

Pool table
Why? It's hard to ignore--or resist--the 'balls & sticks' connotation.
Tip: Cleaning the felt material afterwards may be difficult, so use a blanket.

Wine cellar
Why? The cave-like feel will get the both of you hot and primordial.
Tip: Don’t lean against glass or a shelf full of bottles, for fear they could shatter. Opt for doing it against a stone wall instead.

The piano
Why? You’ll be making love to the sounds of your own ecstasy.
Tip: The best position is for you to sit on the keys while your guy stands in front of you.

On the floor
Why? When you need to be with your guy ASAP, you sometimes can’t make it to the bed.
Tip: The next time you’re having sex on the bed, just push him off and keep going at it.

The stairs
Why? The more unusual (and uneven) the terrain is, the more sexy and exciting it will be.
Tip: Don’t do it at the top of the stairs, lest you accidentally fall to the bottom.

The garage
Why? It’s a simple space, but can provide you and your guy with many possibilities, such as the hood of the car, or the workbench.
Tip: Be sure to pick the safest spot in the garage, and bring a blanket with you for comfort and hygiene.

In front of a fireplace
Why? It’s terribly romantic, and will keep your naked bodies warm and toasty.
Tip: Find a bear- or sheep-skin rug (fake, of course) to complete the effect

On the desk
Why? Because it’ll force you both to finally file all the papers that are strewn about afterwards.
Tip: Ideally, remove the computer before starting, to avoid disaster. Also, ensure the desk is stable enough to support your combined weight.

Source : Yahoo! Lifestyle

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