Friday, November 13, 2009

Stem cells to Treat AIDS and Diabetes

stem cell aidsAirlangga University, Surabaya, managed to develop stem cell utilization methods in the treatment of AIDS and diabetes mellitus. The research team invited the doctors to test them to the patient.

Lead researcher stem cells University of Airlangga (Airlangga University) Fedik Abdul Rantam said stem cell research utilization began in 2007. Unair to start with the development of bone and tendon reconstruction. "Then we developed for the reconstruction of cardiovascular and immune systems. The results of in vitro (preclinical testing in the lab) fine. Now we also are preclinical testing (testing to animals) and so far is quite positive, "said Fedik, Friday (6 / 11) in Surabaya, East Java.

The research is believed to be to treat, among others, AIDS and diabetes is known no cure. Their research allows the body to form healthy new cells. With stem cells, the body can create new immune cells in people with AIDS. As for the people with diabetes, stem cells can form more pancreatic beta cells of normal.

Professor of Virology Unair said, the key lies in the methods that allow adult stem cells back into stem cells young. Young stem cells can develop into anything, depending on what will be used for.

The method is important because the team only took stem cells from adults. Stem cells was not likely to thrive again, except to follow their home network. "Only embryonic stem cells that can develop into anything. Ethics does not allow the team to take embryonic stem cells because the same of killing, "he said.

Embryonic stem cells could be obtained only when the fetus was only a few days. Obtaining embryonic stem cells will be the same as fatal fetus.

"As doctors, we are bound by oath to save lives, not eliminate it. This method (reversal development of stem cells) allows us to save lives without losing another life, "he said.

Fedik invited the doctors and clinics to take advantage of their research results to patients. The government is also expected to facilitate the utilization of these.

"So far, stem cells are already dimudakan we tidurkan not to develop. Too bad if the research results put to sleep just like that, "he said. Chairman of the Diabetes and Nutrition Center Dr Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya, Askandar confirmed, it waited for the development of research Fedik team.

Parties Diabetes and Nutrition Center is hoping there is a method of treatment that allows people with diabetes actually cured. "The drugs currently available only to control the impact. Can not truly heal because there are damaged cells, "he said.

Askandar agree, there should be encouragement from the government so that research results can be applied. Moreover, the research process undertaken was not unethical. "If you can, and successful clinical trials, this will be a history of treatment," he said.

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