Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seven Reasons Why You Should Drink Fresh Coconut Water

Coconut waterSince long times ago, the coconut is known as benefit-rich plants. Almost no part of the coconut trees that are not useful.

This post will reveal to you how drinking fresh coconut water regularly will improve your health and fitness. Here are seven reasons why you should keep drinking fresh coconut water, especially applies to you who live in areas where coconut is so abundant!

1. Coconut water is more nutritious than milk, because it does not contain cholesterol and it is low fat.

2. Coconut water can improve blood circulation and known to cleanse the digestive system.

3. Coconut water is not only good for your body's immune system, but also helps the body to fight some types of viruses that cause disease.

4. If you are suffering from kidney stone disease, make it a habit to drink coconut water regularly. The habit of drinking coconut water will help dissolving kidney stones and facilitate their exit from the body.

5. Coconut water is also known from earliest times to cure urinary tract disorders. A glass of coconut water and drink it regularly can relieve the pain of urinating trouble.

6. If you want to release motion sickness, no one can recover as quickly as consuming coconut water.

7. Coconut water has this soft taste and it contains rich potassium electrolytes. Potassium helps the body to regulate blood pressure and cardiac organ function.

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Elena said...

Many thanks for such an informative post. Fresh coconut water is one of the main sources of electrolytes known to man, and it can be used to prevent dehydration.

Thanks !!
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