Friday, November 13, 2009

Smoking benefits are only myths!

smoking benefitSmokers shelter with a lot of reasons when they're asked to stop smoking. According to them, smoking can increase the power of thought, creativity, showing masculinity, and reduce stress. Smoking remains one body still seems healthy. But, the good cigarette is a myth, suggestions, and there's no scientific evidence.

"In essence, they are addicted to cigarettes. The signs of decline in body condition and disease are found, such as coughing, lethargic body, and illness such as high blood, lungs, until diabetes. But they do not want to quit smoking," said Chief of Health DIY Agus Bondan Suryanto, Thursday (12/11).

That concern again, the number of smokers continues to increase and the young novice smokers age. From his observations, many young women now smoke to be cool.

Bambang Sudibyo (55), private employee, admitted very difficult to stop smoking since the beginning of this lecture. "Often the coughing still. Then again so, I smoke less. Once the hell, quit smoking four months, but can not stand. It seems that this brain dead if not light a cigarette," said Bambang, who consumed a pack of cigarettes every day.

Mugiwiyono (67), normal cycle rickshaw hung in the North Square, also called hard to escape the smoke. He had smoked since a teenager. "A little less enthusiastic, if not smoke. But I am not a smoker nyepur, because in one day just up 2-3 only hand-rolled cigarettes. I choose joint because it is cheap," said Mugi who claimed never ill because of smoking.

Another opinion Nina (21), a private college. He smoked since two years ago to be considered cool friends and social. "My friends who smoke a lot. So I thought, why not. I know the dangers, but the long-take long nice smoke. Jadinya, transmissivity," he said.

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