Friday, November 6, 2009

Anger management everyone can practice

Anger ManagementOne of the ways used to manage anger is a method of distraction. When the heart is controlled by anger, just do things that can confiscate your concentration, like writing letters or doing tasks that are not yet settled. You can also listen to music, washing cars, cleaning houses, visiting malls to shopping activity.

For those who are aggressive, they can get over the anger through sports, or something like boxing. Provide sandbags as a target and pretend it to be the object of your anger is one powerful alternative. Meanwhile, cleaning up your house will help your mind to organize things, and the side result is neatly place.

Perhaps at first, it will turn out to be a bit difficult, because your heart and mind are still controlled by anger. But, do keep exercise. Let your concentration torn between doing something and thinking about the anger. After quite some time, you will get used to it and be aware that anger is just something natural that does not need the act of yelling, screaming or punching.

But, if one day you're really angry, the first step to remember is to take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. Do it several times and always bear in mind that anger is always preceded by unconscious and ended with regret. So, if you want to be controlled by the consciousness, and do not want to experience regret, why should you angry?

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