Friday, December 26, 2008

TV Station Manager, Heal a Sick TV Company!

mac gamesWhen you love to take the challenge to rebuild a small independent TV station, about to go bankrupt, then the TV Station Manager is perfectly fit you, this is a perfect simulation where you are going to be hired, to take the whole control to heal this sick company and make it to huge success base on many variables available within this adventure games!

You will find many version, under mac games, pc and linux base games! This game start at the time you get hired, to help the company to return to its perfect and profitable condition, now it’s all depend on you, you are now the decision maker! The game is made available with an easy interface, you will find tool tips and of course tutorial to get familiar with the game! So, what player can do when playing this game?

Like real TV station, the TV manager, that’s you, will buy or sell rights to display programs on your TV! This TV Company have 16 different program categories where you can choose categories that match your interest, from Action to Gossip, Documentary to Kids, and three different types (movies, series and daily programs)!

Let see, what else, as the manager you can get exclusive advertising deals, you must do the scheduling, one of the challenge is to place the right program at the right hour, and put the ads on the best program to earn maximum money!

You feel something not right with the existing TV programs; create your own TV show as you have the production studio! In the registered version there are many option when you decide to start your own show, you choose the actors, actress, the plot, setting, and tada, you are creating your own work of genius!

You will also find various statistics on the Company Management Screen to help you make decision on which promotional campaign so the TV station can attract some targeted community!

The whole game is not only about the reward you will get if you complete your job (and recovers the TV Company to its perfect condition), but also the process, you will enjoy the process to get your job done!

Visit to download and purchase TV Station Manager, you can download the demo version too! This is one of best mac games available on this site favor by many gamers around the world! For complete collection just enter the website!

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