Monday, December 1, 2008

Personal Soundtrack T-shirt, Speaker in Middle

Personal Soundtrack T-shirtThis personal Soundtrack T-shirt from Thinkgeek will make you become center of attention of many people.

There are speakers in the middle of T-Shirt and remote control with cable that it can play audio files.

In t-shirt has contains some audio files that are stored on the SD memory card and you can change it with your favorite audio files themselves.

Electronic parts can be removed, such as T-shirt Wi-Fi from the previous Thinkgeek so you can wash the T-shirt when it dirty.

The idea is very interesting but we are not sure whether to use the comfortable T-shirt with speakers big enough considering the heavy weight of the speakers is bearable, but an important style!

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Elena said...

Many thanks for sharing this post with us, no doubt soundtrack T-shirt is a good idea. Can you tell me about washing instructions for this T-shirt?

Thanks !!