Friday, December 12, 2008

Boucheron 150 $30,000 Pure Gold Vertu Phone

Boucheron 150 Vertu PhoneWhen we talk about the mobile phone brand Vertu, of course not talk technology that is in but what is around the body.

This one is the same with the other Vertu phones. Boucheron 150 Vertu phones is produced in order to commemorate the anniversary, 150 years of a jewelry company, Boucheron French jewelry house .

To make one phone, they take 1,000 hours to build the body that made of pure gold a whole, 700 hours to finishing and 500 hours to become a mobile phone (strange).

The box itself is made of wood with the best quality of the walnut tree species Nose Pedullo. And every time you open the box, the ringtone from the special Vertu phones (Vertu Signature Ringtone) will be heard.

For the price, there is no further information but the “rumor” is that the phone will be sold with the price of US$ 30,000.

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