Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Japanese Company Offers Wedding Services into Space

Wedding Services into SpaceStarting with 2011, the Japanese company First Advantages will be able to provide wedding services at altitudes as high as 100 kilometers above ground. First Advantages recently signed a contract with the American aerospace company Rocketplane, which will be in charge of providing the means to propel the soon to be happily married couples into space, for a truly out of this world experience.

Strange weddings are nothing out of the ordinary anymore, since people get married on a daily basis in some of the weirdest possible places. Forget about churches! Underwater will do just fine, as well as while falling out of the sky during a skydive. However, getting married into space will certainly go down in the history books, although there may be some legal problems that currently prevent such actions.

The legal issues will most likely be solved in the next two and a half years or so, when the first such flight is scheduled, but couples willing to get their destinies tied into space may have some problems regarding the funds required to complete such a flight. Simply put, First Advantages is currently charging 1.1 million sterling pounds for a one hour space flight.

Except for the people getting married during the flight, First Advantages will also provide the opportunity to include two guests and a priest, as part of their 'Premium plan'. Of course, prior to the flight, the couple and their guests will have to go through a four day training period. Additionally, First Advantages will provide a wedding dress and organize a party on the ground, as well as live broadcast the wedding ceremony.

For 1.1 million pounds you wouldn't think there are too many people willing to get married into space, albeit First Advantages will certainly not feel the lack of costumers, especially considering the nature of their services.

The first couple to get married into space will be Cindy Cashman and Mitch Walling. "I came up with the idea over a year ago. While I was meditating, an idea popped in my head to be the first person to be married in space, so I started taking action to make my dream a reality," said Miss Cashman.

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