Friday, July 18, 2008

The Power of Touch

The Power of TouchYour beau may protest he doesn’t like to be pampered, but don’t believe the hype—he loves it! Especially if the pampering involves a killer massage administered by his favourite therapist, you! Rub him the right way with these five tips.

1. Live It
A massage is a very giving activity, and as any massage therapist will tell you, it takes two to tango. A massage is only as good as the therapist giving the treatment—if you’re not into it your client will feel your energy. Take a moment to centre yourself before you begin—it will definitely enhance the experience for you and for him.

2. Set the Mood
“When it comes to massage, it’s all about the surroundings—they must be peaceful and serene,” explains Jeanet Allison, owner of Toronto’s Jeanet Spa & Salon. Lighting is a key when it comes to creating ambience and there is nothing sexier than having a candlelit massage. Set them up around your bedroom to create an ambient glow. Shopping tip: lavender and sandalwood candles will set an ultra-sultry mood.

3. Keep Quiet
Other than the occasional whisper of sweet nothings in his ear, talking during your session should be strictly prohibited. Massage is all about relaxing and quieting the mind, and incessant chattering will totally break the mood. The only sound in the room should be the slow grooves playing on your iPod.

4. Map Your Massage
To give your guy the ultimate rub-down, have him lie on his stomach, start at his shoulders and work your way down all the way to his toes. Your strokes should be long and languid and if you encounter any tension knots along the way, spend a little extra time in the area to help loosen the muscles. Check in with him from time to time to see how the pressure is—he may request more or less depending on his levels of sensitivity.

5. Make it Fun
A massage is the perfect way to set the mood for an evening of intimate adventures. “It’s a special moment between lovers that should be fun and enjoyable,” says Allison. “Give him the royal treatment from head to toe, and please, don’t forget the feet!” (Yahoo! Lifestyle).

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