Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dior Leads the Way to a Rich, Romantic Fall

Like Chanel, the wonderfully inspired people at Dior are launching the brand's Fall 2008 Impression Cuir makeup collection later this summer – and already, the world of the makeup fanatics (such as myself and so many of
you out there) is alight with speculation, photos and early reviews. Let's have a look at some of the basics of this new and exotic makeup line, which aims to complement designer John Galliano's Dior Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection, add a dash of deep, rich color and an extra touch of class to the refined sensuality of the clothes he created.

Galliano's clothing line includes precious python and ostrich skins, as well as crocodile skin patterns – it's therefore little wonder that Impression Cuir guards a bit of the exotic glamor of the animal-inspired patterns and textures by sporting a three-shade eye palette embossed with crocodile prints. The luxury of Galliano's fall clothing line is also preserved in the choice of colors – rich shades of copper, plum and burgundy – which offer an exclusive peek into one of the biggest makeup trends of the coming cold season: the return of the darker shades of lipstick and dark neutral eyeshadow.

If so far we've dabbled in earth tones and light, iridescent or shimmery neutrals, this fall is all about going for darker shades of red on our lips and nails – so keep ahead of the game by treating yourself with some of Dior's luxurious new shades of bronze, brown and beige eyeshadow – or go for one of the new shades of Creme de Gloss in Cream Burgundy or Delicious Plum. For a bolder statement, try a new shade of the trendy Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Lace Beige or Lurex plum – and match it with one of the new Dior Vernis nail polishes in Red Ebony or Mystic Violine. Stay tuned for a more detailed review of the new Dior Fall 2008 Impression Cuir makeup line – coming soon.

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