Monday, June 23, 2008

The Trouble with Oversize Bags

Oversize Bags

As most of us fashion-forward ladies know, an oversize bag – whether we're talking a tote or a multi-pocket one – is the ideal carry-on solution for our busy daily lives. We can cram anything from our laptops and mobile phones to our makeup bags, books, diaries and a million other small things we need to give us the comfortable illusion that we're in complete control of our existence. However, the oversize tote carries with it a much deeper (and maybe obvious) risk: that of putting too much strain on us, both on the physical and on the emotional level.

A recent survey showed that the average bag weighs about 5.2lb. Put creatively, this is the same weight as three large bricks. That's right – real house bricks. And how many of us giant handbag owners have missed important calls because, well, we couldn't find the tiny phone, hidden at the bottom of the bag beneath a pile of books, daily planners, wallets, hairbrushes and various makeup and beauty items? Keep in mind the fact that we lug around our bags using only one side of our body, thus unevenly distributing the strain of the extra weight. This, doctors warn, can lead to neck and back pain and even headaches.

As for the emotional side – well, the growing pressure of our modern, busy lifestyles means that we need to surround ourselves with a growing number of things in order to function properly. "Our huge and heavy handbags reflect the modern woman's psyche perfectly," behavior expert Dr Pam Spurr tells the Daily Mail. "On the outside, they are a symbol of how successful we are. But on the inside, we cram them full of stuff because we think we need all these things to conduct our lives efficiently".

With so many variables at hand, we feel that we need to cover every possibility and we keep on top of things by carrying around everything from an umbrella to a change of shoes for a glamorous after-work party. "At an emotional level, carrying a handbag that's fit to burst gives us a sense of security. It makes us feel invincible in a stressful world because we've got every possible scenario covered," Spurr says. How many of you think she is right?

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