Monday, June 23, 2008

Latest Marc Jacobs Ad Features A Man In A Dress

The one thing we can say for sure after looking at the new ads for Marc by Marc Jacobs fall men's and women's line is that it is now clear that the celebrated fashion guru doesn't hate friend and budding designer Victoria Beckham. Over the
past months, the usually stylish, rail-thin former Posh Spice was featured in a series of rather bizarre ads for Jacobs' label, which saw her pose with her feet sticking out of a giant shopping bag and sporting an assortment of strange haircuts and poses. Which made some of us wonder whether Victoria and Marc were really friends or there was a certain amount of tension (creative or not) urging Jacobs to show his buddy in a rather unflattering light.

Now, however, all doubts are gone from our minds, as Jacobs and his pal Juergen Teller have just come up with a series of shots even more bizarre (in the best possible sense, of course) than the "Victoria in a bad" ones. Few of us would expect to see a man modeling what is clearly a stylish little black dress - and in an age when designers are fighting to secure advertising deals with some of the world's most stylish and sophisticated faces (OK, let's make it even clearer - we mean women's faces), it's quite unexpected to discover that top male model Cole Mohr is in fact posing for both Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2008 men's and women's lines. But hey, stranger things have happened, right? Right?

A stylish little black dress with an oversize satin bow detail on the front, a lot of attitude, dark shades and Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style chunky jewelry - so far, nothing out of the ordinary. The fact that it's a man sporting the dress and accessories might come across as a little odd - and since we all know Marc Jacobs' ads always come with an added twist, perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised. Cole Mohr is also featured wearing men's clothes (or rather displaying the lack thereof) in an advertisement for the male counterpart of the Jacobs fall line. Who would have guessed - the ultimate woman is, in Jacobs' view, a man. Watch out, all you supermodel ladies, if this keeps going, you'll soon end up losing your jobs for good.

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