Friday, June 6, 2008

Neo Sci-Fi Collection from MAC

MAC is the latest cosmetics giant to launch a new summer makeup collection, and let me tell you this – it's not for the fain of heart. Its bold, innovative approach to packaging is as surprising and as refreshing as the frost
and shimmer that's inside the bright orange containers. The MAC team welcomes its fans into a "magnetic field of hot fluorescents, modern buffs, beiges and flesh tones […] destined to test the laws of your style gravity" – in other words, we have yet another successful instance of a cosmetics company who invites us to be natural with a rather more flashy twist – and the twist is called "shimmer and shine".

The catch with this collection is that despite the bold, bright containers, the vast majority of colors are on the neutral side. The limited-edition Neo Sci-Fi lipstick comes in five shades: a burnt red with gold pearl (Sci-Fi-Delity), a creamy peach, a mid-tone brown with red pearl (Astral), bright orange (Electro)and a frosty white gold (Sunsonic). The shades are earth-toned, delicate and they promise to drown your lips in shimmering, creamy color for a lasting finish. The tinted lipglasses are back in four shades of creamy plum with just a few flecks of gold (Soft&Slow), bronzed brown with white pearl (Supreme), creamy mid-tone nude peach (Naked Space) and orange with gold pearl (Pink).

The collection also includes a limited-edition shade of Eye Shadow packaged in the shiny neon orange and hi-shine black compact of the Neo Sci-Fi collection, with five very natural nuances of peach, pink and gold, with one darker shade of black brown with silver pearl. There's also a volumizing, lengthening and curling mascara with a creamy black finish and a new patented wand with a v-shaped groove for a more flattering curling effect, two new shimmery shades of Sheertone Shimmer Blush (in peach and mauve), tree natural shades of eyeliner and four nuances of a high gloss formula nail polish in copper, red, yellow and plasma blue.

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