Saturday, January 26, 2008

NEWS - Variety Program for Disabled Kids in Brampton

Metroland - Brampton Division (Fri 25 Jan 2008, Byline: ROGER BELGRAVE) reports that the world renowned Toronto children's charity, Variety, is piloting its Adapted Physical Education Program in Brampton. The 11-week program will give local children and youth facing physical or developmental barriers a chance to take part in various sport and recreation activities without having to travel to the central Variety Village location in Toronto. Activities will include bocce ball or wheel chair basketball, volleyball and other sports.. Since the program is open to children and youth of all abilities, able body participants in the program would play in wheelchairs during wheelchair basketball. The program provides both the physical fitness opportunity plus a chance for able-bodied children and youth to understand the issues facing those with disabilities. Sometimes it provides the rare opportunity for able body and disabled siblings to play organized sports together.

Source @ LIN

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