Saturday, March 26, 2011

Morning eye puffiness? Here's an easy trick

eye puffinessExpert says the most simple remedy for lightening dark circles and decreasing puffiness under the eyes—two of her patients' most common complaints—is splashing cold water on your face first thing in the morning, which shrinks the blood vessels and decreases eye puffiness.

However, more serious under-eye circles may call for more aggressive treatment. Dark circles can be caused by sun damage or from genetically driven pigmentation; bluish-hued circles can stem from vascular issues. Also, as we age, we lose the fat underneath our eyes, which causes a gaunt or tired appearance.

In-office treatment isn't always necessary, however. Expert says there are some very effective lightening creams available at drug stores. The key is in finding a topical cream that is made up of hydroquinone in 2% concentration. He says most people notice an improvement in the skin around their eyes in about two weeks.

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