Monday, January 31, 2011

Thai Airline Recruits Transsexual Flight Attendants

Thai AirlineA break through is made by the president of the first Thai airline. This airline is to hire transsexuals as flight attendants. It was said on yesterday, furthermore he said the airline will become "pioneer" and predicted other carriers would follow his lead.

Fledgling airline PC Air has already recruited six crew of the "third sex" and boss Peter Chan said recruitment, driven by a belief in equal rights, would continue.

"I think these people can have many careers, not just in the entertainment business, and many of them have a dream to be an air hostess. I just made their dream come true," he said.

Thailand has one of the largest transsexual populations in the world and its surgeons have pioneered ever cheaper and quicker sex change techniques for those opting to go under the scalpel. But the airline does not require applicants to have gone through a surgical procedure, merely that they meet job criteria, including language skills and good service

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