Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shakespeare Game New Internet Hit

Romeo wherefore art thouOnline game based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet characters became a hit on the internet. Game was successful in attracting 22 million players worldwide.

In 'Romeo wherefore art thou' gamers play as Shakespeare's most famous characters and collecting flowers for Juliet.

In this game, as he moved through the streets of Stratford-upon-Avon, he should avoid a number of wild boar and the life skull.

Originally commissioned by Shakespeare Country tourist sites, but the game was a surprise with a third of British residents are said to have played it.

The purpose of this game is to collect enough roses for his beloved Juliet. With Valentines Day approaching, this game become more and more popular.

Phil Hackett, Chief Executive of Shakespeare Country said: "I want to do an ad campaign but it is estimated that only about 2.5 million will play it".

"I think the programmers have done a great job. Instantly recognizable characters and the environment has major landmark. This really makes Shakespeare's life again."

He added: "Since its launch in May and produces more than a quarter million unique visitors to our web site every month, and the percentage of people now think of Shakespeare Country is a fun and exciting place to visit."

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