Wednesday, February 3, 2010

'Roxxxy' World’s First Sex Robot

'Roxxxy' World’s First Sex RobotRobot developers TrueCompanion showing Roxxxy this week, the world’s first sex robot. This robot for the first time shows its skill in the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

The idea of making the robot as a 'sleep companion' may indeed sound crazy. But TrueCompanion successfully implement it and develops a beautiful robot named Roxxxy. This humanoid robot doll designed to look like a porn star and has the ability to provide 'service' satisfaction for the owner.

"Roxxxy equipped with various programs in order to learn what is liked and not liked by her mate. She could hear, feel and speak like a real partner so Roxxxy can became a friend, a sleep companion," said creator of Roxxxy, Douglas Hines.

Sexy Roxxxy is available on the market with starting price from USD7.000 to USD9.000.

Earlier, in 1993 TrueCompanion had also created sex robot named Trudy. However, because of technological limitations at that time there was lots of users complain; she was too rigid and not smart enough to interact.

Roxxxy presence is expected to be the perfection of all shortcomings from its previous version. Roxxxy has approximately 158 cm tall and weighing approximately 54 kg.

Hines said that the owner of robots can also arrange Roxxxy’s personality types. There are five personality where owner can arrange, ranging from a calm and gentle, until the 'wild' personality. Interested?


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