Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bling Up Your iPhone With Some Rich Accessories

Rich Phone AccessoriesThe Noreve diamond encrusted iPhone case will soon fade as the latest accessorised iPhone case makes a grand entry. Manufactured by the VX CLub, this glittering structure is aimed to make your favoutite Apple music device look like a million bucks! Well, serious fans with some extra money to spare will know what we mean.

VX Club’s dedication towards adding the true blue bling factor to our iPods is evident in the supah-luxury iPhone cases made from 24-K gold that shimmer and sparkel full of gemstones. Each product in this line offers a wonderful blend of technology and luxury with a superb stroke of the artistic genius. Each pattern has been made by hand in unimmitable European designs.

The scoop is that every detail about the iPhone accessory has been kept such a secret that we are dying to see the real thing. We hear that a top European designer is the brain behind the project but no names have been revealed yet. Also, no word has been recieved on pricing and availability but we do know the price tag will e pretty heavy. We hope we can get it at a retailer’s instead.

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