Monday, November 17, 2008

LifeLock Service Guarantee is Up to One Million Dollars

LifeLock, founded in 2005, is a personal fraud protection company. For a fee, the company once every 90 days asks for a fraud alert on your file by calling Experian, Equifax or TransUnion, the three major credit bureaus in America who communicate this information to each other. Nowadays, this online company is the nation leader in identity theft protection with affordable price of service. They have more than one million customer recently. states that they will guarantee, if your identity is misused while you are as their client, they will spend up to $1,000,000 to make it right. The will fix your good name that destroyed by identity theft accident. The television ads, featuring a truck advertising CEO Richard Todd Davis' Social Security Number promote the same promise. Their CEO said that his company job is to protect your good name. As a consumer, you have rights that allow you to take more control over who uses your identity and how they use it. They do the mechanics to enforce those rights.

One of several factors that affected your credit history become badly is identity theft. Your credit history is a historical account of your relationship with past creditors. Your credit history, along with your current income and debt, is used by potential new creditors to determine how much credit they will extend to you. Whatever the root cause, your credit is harmed when one of the major credit reporting agencies becomes aware of a negative factor and add it to your credit history.

Life Lock will protect your credit report with cooperation with these three major credit bureaus mentioned above. They are referred to as "Credit Reporting Agencies" or "CRAs". The credit bureaus maintain a database of information about consumers' credit histories. The credit bureaus collect and keep records of information about your payment records from lenders such as banks, credit unions, finance companies, or retailers. This information is sold to lenders so that they may analyze your credit history in order to decide whether to grant you credit.

They charge $10 per month to do it. But, on this site you can get the Life Lock promotion code; RD1 that will provide $11.00 off your annual subscription price and you will receive an additional free 30 days of service.

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