Monday, September 15, 2008

Let’s Have Fun and Share with Your Friends

JokesJokes are words communicated with the intent of being laughed at or found funny. Laughter is the people common reaction to humor and funny jokes. Not every joke is clean. Some times you will hear or read ‘dirty’ jokes. It means a joke story that contains sex or adult matter. So, parental guidance is recommended for users of a young age such as below 16.

Lots of Jokes contains jokes and other humorous material that attempts to cater to a spectrum of people, tastes and maturity. Due to the nature of such a site, the content may be deemed offensive to some. But you can read jokes that based on religion, geographical location, gender, or sexual orientation. All jokes on those types are banned here.

They also not permit users to post or share jokes based on midgets, mentally and physically challenged people, based on people and celebrities in society. And many others criteria subject to read by user. But you can see adult pornographic pictures on part of the site, but its minority in case. Keeping in mind however, what jokes and humor is all about. Something you may find some jokes in this site are offensive, but others may find it’s hilarious. Anyway, find out funny here and share to your friends.

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