Thursday, September 18, 2008

Find Pastor Bob for Your Better Life

The emerging church, sometimes referred to as the emergent church movement is a Christian movement whose participants seek to live their faith in modern society by emulating Jesus Christ irrespective of Christian religious traditions.

So, the emerging Christianity is based on making religion more inclusive, with more input and integration between churchgoers and clergy. They do greater emphasis on Jesus’ life and teachings and less judgment about the way people behave. Emergent church emphasizes its developing and decentralized nature as well as its emphasis on interfaith dialogue rather than one-way evangelism.

The emergent church movement often favors the use of simple story and narrative. You can find the series of audio and video narrative about better marriage at I Want a Better Marriage dot Com Sermon Series. This tools will help you to change a possibility succeed of the marriages becomes a reality. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or just planning to get married, this story series is designed to realize God's plans and purposes for marriage.

There is believed to be a difference between the terms "emerging" and "Emergent." Emerging is the wider, informal, church-based, global movement. Emergent refers to an official organization, the Emergent Village. This sub-movement, a large intellectual and philosophical network, is sometimes called the "emergent stream" within the larger emerging church. You can find a church in Rancho Santa Fe, California with senior Pastor Bob Botsford that serves ‘Harvest in The Ranch’.

On site, you can search what you need from emergent church on internet. You can read or hear about Pastor Bob series, many horizon services or Bible studies. There are a lot of audio and video archives, even photos on the site. You can see the Biblical concept of ministry here that means simply the act of serving someone or the act of providing care or help others. Search on in you are Jesus Christ lover.

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