Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CO2 as Extinguishing Media

Turns CO2 or charcoal acid is a chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a carbon atom , may be one effective fire extinguishing media . Why CO2 into one powerful substance in the conquest of the fire ? This is because the properties are brought about by CO2 can reduce pattern chain reaction that occurs when fire . CO2 will change the composition of normal air into the lower air compositions . In other words, CO2 could reduce the volume of oxygen to be one element of the trigger fires . Because it is able to reduce levels of oxygen is then made ​​CO2 fire extinguisher is not well placed in a closed room , because it causes the people in the room oxygen deficiency if the tool is used .

Some properties of CO2 :
1 . CO2 is not flammable properties ( anti burn )

2 . C02 have the heavier than air , so if CO2 is directed precisely at the source of fire , the CO2 will directly look for space around the source of the fire , to push oxygen into the fire conductor .

3 . CO2 include substances that are very cold and can cool the fuel .

4 . CO2 does not conduct electricity ( insulators ) , does not smell and does not leave marks .

CO2 fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher are environmentally friendly and do not leave a residue . Usually used in places that are sensitive to contamination such as computer rooms , laboratories , food penyimpanann place , etc. . Some special features that you can easily identify is a big plastic funnel . The funnel serves to direct C02 easily fire sources , funnel it also protects the consumer from the effects of cold hands . Way of usage is very simple , you just point the funnel to the entire surface of the burning material and then spray the fire with a fire extinguisher source of CO2 . CO2 fire extinguisher is very effective to appeal the class B and C fires

Source : Pemadamapionline

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