Friday, August 27, 2010

Latest Installment of Medal of Honor Stirs Controversy

Medal of HonorMedal of Honor and its developers have found themselves in the news a lot recently for many reasons. There is good press, which they are getting because of announcements made at GamesCom, and then there is bad press, which they are getting from the continent of Europe.

This installment of the Medal of Honor has been no stranger to controversy. Similar to some recent movies which despict the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Medal of Honor has garnered some critics who say that the exploitation of the current situation in the middle east is in poor taste.

That had, however, blown of, due in part to the announcement of certain improvements at GamesCom. Amid the excitement over the promise of better graphics and weapons and game realisticness, Europe, and specifically Britain has gotten up in arms over the game.

The sticking point is that in the upcoming game you have the option to play as either NATO forces or a member of the Taliban. Now, as a member of the Taliban, you would of course be shooting, and killing British troops.

This even has the British Minister of Defense, Liam Fox, chiming in about the game. Mr. Fox stated that, "the game is totally against the British, and it is mocking the families who lost their husbands and fathers in the War."

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