Saturday, October 17, 2009

Megan Fox Armani Underwear Ads Coming in 2010

Since Victoria has refused to renew her contract with Armani, the perfect sexy icon these days which is perfectly fit is no one but Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham is out. Megan Fox is in, everyone is happy! There is almost a definite yes that Megan Fox and Armani is equal to super sexy, guys out there will be drooling :)

There are more and more Megan Fox hot pictures people can search next year with this Armani’s underwear new icon, plus jeans campaign. According to reliable source Megan is also collaborating in Armani’s jeans campaign, imagine her in tight jeans, or two pieces or one piece or even no pieces?

The shoot has already began and production of black and white photos are in progress, gracing everywhere January 2010, but let’s hope that less billboard otherwise there will be more car accidents. The 23-year-old girl is a real phenomenon, since transformers sequel, she is just an unstoppable shooting star. Men want her, women adore her, so there is no mistake at all that Armani pick her up as their “commodity girl”.

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